Final Fight

by Shadow Flicker
An immersive and fast paced game based on ninja/ninja lore. [More]
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Final Fight is a thrilling ninja-themed game originally created with a storyline depicting the actual timeline as people progressed. The history of this game runs deep; anyone can leave their mark. With a completely customizable character system as well as 'eras' and permadeath mode, your story unfolds as you play.
Will you make your mark within this land full of Shinobi?


-A fun combat system where skill is a primary factor in the equation.

-Complete Creation, allowing you to create your character and be different from anyone else.

-Original Progression System
A system to make the game more balanced that no other game we know has. No more cliche leveling, but a system based on passives that'll keep you less focused on training and more on the actual game.
And so much more!

We are currently trying to improve and bring this game back into the right direction! This game is in its alpha stages, meaning there is a lot of changes taking place. Please join our discord for any questions