Pokemon MoonRise

by Shadrake3000
Pokemon MoonRise
Come Join The Lunos Region In This All Original Game! [More]

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Date added: Jun 7 2009
Last updated: Jun 8 2009
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Long Desc:
Welcome To Pokemon MoonRise!


Owner: Soullus(GothicVampy)DJ (Demon x29)
Co Owners: Fox Paw And Artemis(LunaTheUmbreon,MecroHydroPrower)
UHMs: Daniruu, Jace, R4ngerer, And Necriswolf
GM's: Ninjor,Geno(Shadrake3000)
Iconner: Geno(Shadrake3000)
Coder: Soullus, R4ngerer, DJ
Mapper: Soullus
Host: Name
Backup Host: Soullus

Starting Town--Loralight Town
Professers Town--SandStone Town
Voltage City-Electric-Gym Leader Open
Ironquaze City-Rock- Gym Leader Open
Aromas Town--A Break Town,Sights To See
Terraturn Town--Grass-Gym Leader Open
Inferno Isle--Fire--Gym Leader Open
MindGlow Island--Psychic-Gym Leader Open
RosePetal City-A Merchant Town, Stores Everywhere
Airia City--Flying-Gym Leader Open
MoonRise City-Moon--Gym Leader Open
Solstice City-Final Break Town,Cave Of Creselia's Home
Irisa Island-Water-Gym Leader Open
EarthGlow Island-Elite 4-
Elite 1:Open-Bug
Elite 2:Open-Dragon
Elite 3:Open-Eevee
Elite 4:Open-Flying
Elite Champion:Open

Centier Island-Battle Frontier-
Battler 1:Open-Ghost
Battlet 2:Open-Ice
Battler 3:Open-Bug
Battler 4:Open-Dark
Battler 5:Open-Water
Battlet 6:Open-Magma
Battler 7:Open-Rock

Gym Leader:5 Pokemon Of Gym's Type,Level 25-75
Elite 4:All Pokemon Of Type, Level's 75-100
Battle Frontier:5 Pokemon Of Type, Levels 100-120
Team Leader:4 Pokemon Of Team Type, Levels 30-50
Team Member:4 Pokemon Of Team Type,Levels 10-25
Gym Assistants: Level has to be 7 levels
below Gymleader's Level
Also There Can Only Be 2 Gym Assistants, Thank You.

Type's Available:

Team Aqua
Team Magma
Team Rocket
Team MoonGlow
Team SunRise

Player Rules.
1.No Spam
2.No Racism
3.No Ticking GM's Off
4.No Abusing Bugs
5.No Capturing Another Persons Pokemon
6.No Begging For GM
7.Keep The Cursing To A Limit (Kids Like Pokemon, They Might Play This)
2.Day Ban
3.Perm Ban

Gm Rules:
1.No Abuse
2.No Special Treatment
3.You Arent Superior To Players, Dont Act Like It.
4.If A GM Is A Higher Rank Then You (GM,UHM)
They Have More Power Then You, Dont Complain
2.GM Taken
These Rules Are To Be Taken Seriously

Gym Leader Rules
1.Only 2 Gym Assistants
2.Assistants Cannot Surpass Your Level
3.Keep The Set Levels (IronQuaze PKMN Lvl 10, Each Town Adds 5 Onto That,Meaning Terraturn PKMN Lvl 15)
4.Dont Taunt The Battelers
5. E4 Levels Can Be W/e Just Dont Go Pass Lvl 80.
6.Battle Frontier Dont Go Past Lvl 99!
2.Gym/E4/BF Position Removed

Join The Lunos Region And Become Number One!!

Rankers Prizes:
Rank 3- Pokemon Boost
Rank 2-Pokemon Boost And Temp GM
Rank 1- Pokemon Boost,Temp GM, And Any Legendary Pokemon!

Help Us Become Number 1!!


Shadrake3000: (Jun 8 2009, 7:08 pm)
This game is very original..we it comes to BYOND Pokemon games...

I LOVE the Icons :3 xD