Naruto Shippuuden Narutimate Accel

by Shotai
New Expirence Game based on NDR source, we need 24/7 host [More]

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Version 1
Date added: Dec 31 2007
Last updated: Jan 4 2008
Last played: Jan 11 2008
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Welcome in Naruto Shippuuden Narutimate Accel

Owner: Shotai
Owner: UchihaSasuke1992
Co Owner: MasterOmega
Host: Open
Head GM: Darecko
GM lvl 1: Open
GM lvl 2: Open
GM lvl 3: Open
Idea Man: Stevie1010

Coder: Shotai
Mapper: Shotai
Iconner: Shotai
Gfx Artist: Shotai

Game Rules
1. No Spamming
2. No foul language
3. No asking for admin or GM
4. No obscene names
5. No bug abusing
6. No Academy killing
7. Dont kill ny1 from your village or u will be kicked out
8. No Afk training
9. No asking to get your stats raised
10.No asking to be brought back into your village
11.No Asking for multiclan or multiclanning
12.Have fun ^^

GM Rules
1.Dont abuse your power
2. Dont make anyone admin unless me or Co-Owner says so
3.Do not edit ny1 if they ask
4.Do not using all jutsu verb to battle some1

Ninja Ranks and how to get them
1. Genin= Pass Genin test
2. Chuunin= Pass Chuunin Test
3. Jounin= Have at least 30 kills of people from Evil Organizations or Missing Nins
4. Anbu= Be Jounin and have 50 kills
5. Anbu Black ops= Anbu and 210 kills
6. Root= Anbu Black Ops and 1k kills (Must be Leaf ninja)
7.Niju Shotai= Root And or Anbu Black ops Level 3k
8. Sannin=(Must have 7000 all stats and killed orochimaru and atleast 4 Akatsuki)
9. Hokage= Be Strongest Ninja in your village and Ask a Gm to Make you Kage (At least 500,000 all stats is recommended)

Kages & Leaders

Hokage = None

Kazekage = None

Otokage = None

Mizukage = None

Showdaikage = None

Akatsuki Leader = None

Sound Organization Leader = None

Anbu Leader = None

Root Leader = None

Niju Shotai Leader = None

This Game will be hosted As a NDR Rip Untill The Original is Up.


Thanks To Mario For NDR Source

If You wish to contact me You can get me at:

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

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