Pokemon: Destiny Quest

by Sin 9333
Pokemon: Destiny Quest
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Date added: Aug 1 2011
Last updated: Jan 5 2012
Last played: Jan 27 2012
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Owner: Sin

GFX: Snow

Ranks Requirements:
Gym Leaders:
Grass Gym: 3 lvl 50 Grass Pokemon
Dark Gym: 3 lvl 50 Dark Pokemon
Fire Gym: 3 lvl 50 Fire Pokemon
Frozen Water Gym: 3 lvl 50 Ice or Water Pokemon
Rock Gym: 3 lvl 50 Rock Pokemon
Ghost Gym: 3 lvl 50 Ghost Pokemon
Thunder Gym: 3 lvl 50 Electric Pokemon
Flying Gym: 3 lvl 50 Flying Pokemon

Team Aqua: 3 lvl 70 Water/Dark/Ground Pokemon
Team Magma: 3 lvl 70 Fire/Dark/Ground Pokemon
Team Rocket: 3 level 70 Any type Pokemon
Team Galactic: 3 lvl 70 Any type Pokemon
Team Ranger: 3 lvl 70 Any type Pokemon

Elite 4:
Elite #1 Bug/Grass : Chosen
Elite #2 Dark/Ghost : Chosen
Elite #3 Ice : Chosen
Elite #4 Dragon : Chosen

General Information: Welcome to Pokemon Destiny Quest where you take on the role as a Pokemon trainer and interact with not only the pokemon you catch but with other people on the game, you also can try to put yourself to the test by facing gym leaders or even trying to become the gym leader if the possitions open, the same goes for the Elite 4 except to challenge them you must have all 8 gym badges from the game to battle them. Also for all of you RP lovers we have pokemon contests where you write out the script of your proformance and then it is judged by our contest judges, now i have one question. Do you have what it take to be a pokemon master!?

Recent Medals

Flying Badge

Earned by SpartanWarrior7
Jan 18 2012, 8:50 am

Fire Badge

Earned by Madr0x60
Jan 15 2012, 12:48 am