Naruto: Ended Encounters

by SinfulPhoenix
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Rules for NEE:
-No Multikey Training! (2 people on the same IP Adress hitting eachother in any way)
-Respect all players and staff the way you want to be treated!
-If there is a bug, report it! Do not tell anyone else about it, and do not abuse it yourself.
- Do not post BYOND links to other games or links to sites with malicious content.
-Do not use help unless you absolutely need it! Help abuse will result in a mute, then a ban.
-Do not spam your Village Chat or the World Chat.
-If an admin asks you to do something, do not argue.
-Do not use Advanced Tracking on Staff members.
-No Spawn killing or camping spawn points!
-Kages must remain in position for at least 2 days.
-Do not ask an admin for edits or unfair advantages.
-Do not death avoid. (Logging off to avoid being killed.)
-Do not be racist.

Staff Rules:
-Do not abuse your powers!
-If you see a different Admin abusing there powers, report it to an Owner. Don't try taking matters into your own hands.
-If you're not sure on a punishment for an abuser, ask a higher leveled admin.
-Try to avoid banning. Jail/mute/boots are there for a reason.
-Do not summon or teleport to people to kill them or allow another player to kill them.
-Do not create things for players that will give them an unfair advantage over the others.
-Just because you're an admin, doesn't give you the right to treat players disrespectfully.

Kage/Leader Rules:
-You must be at least level 50 to be a Kage, and at least level 75 to be a Org Leader.
-If you're appointed, you MUST remain in position for 2 days.
-Do not purposely screw over your village, be smart with your promotions/invites.

Naruto Ended Encounters Staff:
-Dante (Owner/Coder/Mapper)
-Jay (Co-Owner/Hoster)
-Hawkeye (Game Master/GFX Artist)
Note: I'm always looking for help. If you're interested in helping with the developement of the game, contact me (Dante) in-game or at my msn.

NEE Updates:
~The Akatsuki Leader can now set a password for the Akatsuki Base.
~Added the "Stuck" command.
~Added some new weapons. (Chains of Prometheus and Chakra Blade.)
~Removed Teams and Guilds, added Squads.
~Added three more hotslots.
~Added stat locks. They are in the top left corner.
~Replaced Lightning Blade with Shuriken Clone as an Uzumaki clan jutsu.
~Rasenshuriken has been redone and improved.
~Buffed Sage Mode, nerfed Byakugan.
~Changed the Fire element's Ablaze passive.
~Added the Black Lightning clan.
~Replaced Empty Palm with Lion Palms.
~Kages can no longer betray their village.
~Added Vote Kage & Challenge Kage verbs.
~Fixed massive attack/throw speed.
~Added more Kage verbs.
~Buffed NPCs overall.
~Sand Burial now does triple damage when in Sand Tsunami, instead of OHKOing.
~Added a World Vote verb.
~Resting and sleeping in beds will remove blindness over time.
~Uchihas can now check how blind they are.
~Added some new S ranked missions.
~Added Curse Sealing for Kages and Akatsuki Leader.
~Added Arenas to the Leaf, Sound, and Missing-Nin villages.
~Added Samurai Guards to the Missing-Nin village.
~Added some new jutsus, which can be bought with skillpoints by Hades.
~Added Lightning Flash as an agility jutsu.
~You now spawn in your Village's hospital after dieing instead of jail.
~Added some new Kage verbs.
~Raised mission exp and boosted overall training speed.
~Removed logs.
~Fixed meditate abuse.
~Added Curse Seal Stage 2.
~Added a cooldown on entering buildings.
~Added an afk check based on activeness.
~Nerfed Violent Wind Palm.
~Redid some Yuki jutsus.
~You now need to do missions to unlock your clan/village skills.
~New skill tree added.
~Added 5 elements. (Lightning, Lava, Fire, Water, and Earth.)
~Added a mini map.
~Added some new hair styles.
~You can now pick from 8 different bases.
~Added the Senju clan to Leaf.
~Buffed the Iron Sand User clan.
~Buffed all of the Sound Manipulator jutsus.
~Nerfed Water Shockwave.
~Fixed the Akatsuki enterence.
~Added S Ranked missions for Jounin+ and Org Members.
~Added missions for the Akatsuki.
~You can no longer gain exp in jail.
~Added stat dummies.
~Added the Clay and Dust clans.
~Fixed Rebirth so passives can stack.
~Fixed the Rock Village buildings/npcs.
~Added the Rock Village!
~Removed Shadow Paralysis and replaced it with Shadow Shurikens.
~Buffed Empty Palm.
~Buffed Fire jutsus.
~Buffed Flame Fist.
~Buffed Almighty Push & Universal Pull.
~Fixed Ice Prison.
~Buffed Water Dragon.
~Nerfed Ice Needles.
~Buffed Man Eating Sharks.
~Buffed Divine Pathway.
~Nerfed Violent Wind Palm.
~Redid Sage Mode. You mush be at least level 50, and Uchihas cannot get it.
~Added agility jutsus. When you reach a certain agility level, you get a jutsu.
~Added Golden Age!
~Nerfed Dragon Storm.
~The Wind and Spider clans are now fully pow based.
~Replaced some of the Hoshigaki jutsus.
~Added a Hoshigaki Base.
~Fixed mission exp.
~Added Back Dash. (Beginning jutsu.)
~Redone Interface.
~Removed the music playlists.
~Removed Power dummies.
~Slightly modified the skin.
~Finally added the 6 Paths clan to Mist!
~Fixed, improved, and completely finished Rebirth.
~Added a Music tab.
~New icons for Wind.
~Fixed the Clematis bug.
~Fixed beds so you can sleep in them.
~Added in-game music. It randomly picks a song from a playlist. (This was removed.)
~Added Jutsu Mastery Check. (Thanks to Mortal!)
~Added new passives.
~New tournament system.
~Added Sage Mode!
~Removed Lava User until I recode it.
~Moved Kaguya to Mist.
~Added 4 new Mist Village jutsus.
~Added 2 new clans. (Crystal and Yuki.)
~Buffed Rasenshuriken. Nerfed it's cooldown.
~Redone Lava Bullet.
~Added a Passive List.
~Added Mist clan passives.
~Put Rebirth NPCs in each Kage House.
~ReAdded the Mist Village. (Hoshigaki and Lava User are choosable.)
~Added Rasenshuriken, it's Uzumaki's final clan jutsu. (I'll add more effects later.)
~Added an optional Rebirth System! If you have any questions, refer to Dante.
~Fixed the Speed Mastery bug.
~Added a Lag Guard.
~Added a NPC that sells jutsus for Skillpoints.
~Missions now give Skillpoints.
~Added a Give/Remove Demon verb, so we don't have to hand out Sealing Scrolls.
~Training speed raised.
~Removed Advanced Trackers.
~Removed all random combat NPCs from the villages, and replaced them with Naruto characters.
~Added Anbu Armor and an Anbu Mask. You get it when promoted to Anbu.
~Added auto rep reset. The Village's influence is automatically reset every 2 hours.
~Added auto reboot. The server reboots every 4 hours.
~Added a Bingo Book.
~Added a movie to the login screen, just for kicks.
~Sabotaging Mission Board now gives Pow and Vit.
~Added an Advertisement block.
~Added a Gaara NPC. (Will be adding alot more later)
~Chunin Exams now occur every hour. Genin Exams occur every 30 minutes.
~Buffed NPCs. And changed up the jutsus they use.
~Added a suicide button. There is a consequence! (Yes I know, i'm mean).
~New mute system.
~Secret scroll 4 and 2 are now spawned on the map.
~Added all 9 demons. (You must find the sealing scroll to seal a demon)
~Redone Fumma Shuriken. It now shoots 3.
~Removed the Mist Village until I completely finish it.
~Redone interface. Please give me your opinions on it ^.^
~Added Tsukiyomi.
~Added Amaterasu.
~Added Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan.
~Added Mangekyou Sharingan.
~Mist Village added.
~Hoshigaki clan added.
~Added a macros tab, it's next to the "Main" tab. (This was removed)
~Added OOC. (World Chat). It's Macroed To C.
~Added IP Tab For GM/Mods. Good luck MK training.
~New Village Select Screen.
~New Title Screens.
~Seven Swordsmen Added.
~Sound 5 Added.
~Hebi Added.
~Akatsuki Fixed and Completed.
~Added Mizukage.
~Added Tsuchikage.
~Added Uzumaki Clan.
~Added Rock Village NPCs.
~Added Mist Village NPCs.
~Added Chakra Blades.
~Added Owner Hangout ~Kyuubi NPC Added. (Spawns Randomly In The Forest)
~Shukaku NPC Added. (Spawns In The Desert South Of Sand)
~Nibi NPC Added. (Spawns Randomly In The Forest)
~Redone Academys.
~Training Speed Raised To 800%
~New Weapons/Armor
~Added Train Rate Verb.
~Added Tournament System.
~New NPCs Added.
~Level Cap Added.
~New GM/Mod Verbs.
~New Map. (Rock And Mist, Akat Tunnels)
~Added Power Logs.

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Deathmall: (May 9 2012, 1:24 am)
To many Pwipes Thats why a few of us left
Chewbacca3000: (May 4 2012, 10:46 am)
joe no one likes it because it doesnt have dummies
(Ik people are AFK training )
But if owner is on you can check them by saying anything to them then if they dont talk or move then jail them for like 750 seconds
Tomg97: (Apr 30 2012, 1:05 pm)
Game has been off for 2 days, is everything ok?
Joedarkdark: (Apr 1 2012, 10:26 am)
i dont get it this is best game one byond why does no one like it...
Tomg97: (Mar 18 2012, 3:12 pm)
the host has to be on i think