Anime Showdown

by Sinus
Aleks vanished again D: [More]

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Version 1
Date added: Oct 10 2009
Last updated: Jul 30 2014
Last played: Jun 3 2010
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Anime Showdown


Owner: Sinus

Co-Owner: Emily , Alpha369

Game Masters: N/A

Iconner: In Need Apply on Forums

Host: N/A

Backup host: Sinus

Coder: Sinus

Mapper: Sinus, Alpha369

Forum Designer:

Hub Designer: Alpha369

We will be working hard to make this game better and better. Our goal is to have a fun, fair and reliable game that all can enjoy.Do not, this is important, keep harassing Admins for positions. Admin will be given to those who are approved when decision is made and need for admins arise. Admins will be expected to perform correctly or they will be replaced. Any problems, suggestions or concerns can be told to Aleks or Alpha.

Villages in game:

  • Leaf

  • Sand

  • Sound

  • Grass

  • Rain

  • Cloud

  • Mist

  • Rock

  • Waterfall

  • Snow

  • Star

  • Clans in game:

  • Uzumaki

  • Uchiha

  • Hyuuga

  • Lee

  • Gaara

  • Temari

  • Puppeteer

  • Hatake

  • Haruno

  • Yamanaka

  • Nara

  • Akimichi

  • Kurenai

  • Aburame

  • Inuzuka

  • Haku

  • Medical

  • Kamizuri

  • Orochimaru

  • Kaguya

  • Kidomaru

  • Pain

  • Kakuzu

  • Hidan

  • Deidara

  • Katon

  • Suiton

  • Vongola

    1. Sky
    2. Storm
    3. Rain
    4. Cloud
    5. Sun
    6. Mist

  • Shinigami

    1. Ichigo
    2. Renji
    3. Rukia
    4. Byakuya
    5. Hitsugaya
    6. Ikkaku
    7. Mayuri
    8. Zaraki

  • Spirit Master

  • Hollow

  • Quincy

  • Bounto

    1. Metal Bounto
    2. Fire Bounto

  • Saiyan

  • Super-Human

  • Bio-Android

  • Buu

  • Organizations in game:

  • Akatsuki

  • SO-Organization

  • Police Force

  • 7 Swordsmen

  • Hebi

  • Espada

  • Saiyan Elite

  • Vongola Family

  • Millefiore Family

  • Varia

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    Naruto Copyright Masashi Kishimoto
    Katekyo Hitman Reborn Akira Amano
    Dragon Ball Z Akira Toriyama
    Soul Eater Atsushi Okubo
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    Anime Showdown Production Staff:
    Aleks, Alpha


Sinus: (Mar 24 2015, 10:45 pm)
Well... university takes a lot of time especially if you are working for a company too :D unfortunally i do not have any files since my external hdd broke and repairing it would cost me about 700€. i have some host somewhere on my dropbox and i could host the game but honestly... i do not feel like i would want to play anymore since i have a lack of time :/ i can send somebody the host files if they want to.

PS: i will help emily a little bit with her coding for her game :)
Missing-in-action: (Mar 24 2015, 2:28 am)
everyone who is still around on byond add me.. and i'll let you know what is going on..
Alpha369: (Jul 30 2014, 12:14 am)
For anyone wondering, Aleks still hasn't come back around to Byond as far as i'm aware. I never received any files to do mapping. So i'm just as lost everyone else. Please stop spamming my pager asking about the game.
DuelistGod22: (Jul 16 2014, 10:08 pm)
So when exactly will this game go back up. I just wanna play again. This was the 1st Byond game i ever played. So Sinus, I dont know what you up to but i really want to see this game up at least once.
<font size = 3>PLEASE!!!!!!!
Cursedmagic: (Oct 16 2013, 6:54 am)
Cronos is best ever