Bleach: Soul Of Chaos

by Soki212
Bleach: Soul Of Chaos
A new game. Come And Enjoy. [More]

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Date added: Sep 6 2008
Last updated: Sep 4 2009
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Only Windows users can play this game. If you have an emulator, you can join the waiting list to be informed when a new server is ready to play.

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-Welcome To Bleach Soul Of Chaos<FONT



Lvl 6:Open
Lvl 5:Open
Lvl 4:Open
Lvl 3:Open
Lvl 2:Open
Lvl 1:Open

1. No Spam Killing - You will booted, jailed, then banned if continued.
2. No spamming of any kind whatsoever - You will be booted, jailed, then banned if continued.
3. No Killing In or Near Any Safe Zones - You will be jailed, then banned if continued.
4. No Racism - Warning then ban.
5. No Insulting GMs - Depending on GM punishment may vary.
6. No Asking for source, advertising, requesting ppl to work for your game - You will be booted then if continued immediately be banned.
7. No NPC + Bleach Names - You will be renamed to a name of our choice.
8. No flaming in OOC/Say, if you have problems with another player take it to PvP or whisper - Warning then ban.
9. Respect GMs and their decisions, do not take up personal issues with a GM in OOC.
10. Do not harash other players in OOC- You will be muted then booted then banned if continued.

.::Gm Rules::.
1.No Insulting other GM's
2.Do not abuse your powers.
3.No Html names unless Owner/Co-Owner says.
4.No Asking for a Promotion.(you will be promoted if owner thinks you deserve it.)
5.Player Rules Apply To You.
6.Help Players in Need or YOU WILL lose your job.



Captain Req-10k
Squad One
Squad Two
Squad Three
Squad Four
Squad Five
Squad Six
Squad Seven
Squad Eight
Squad Nine
Squad Ten
Squad Eleven
Squad Twelve
Squad Thirteen


Rey Espada - 10k
Primero Espada - 9k
Segunda Espada - 8k
Tercera Espada - 6k
Cuarta Espada - 5k
Quinta Espada - 4k
Sexta Espada - 3k
Séptimo Espada - 2k
Octavo Espada - 1k
Noveno Espada - 1k
Décimo Espada - 1k


Vaizard Leader - 15k:
Vaizard Knight #1 - 5k
Vaizard Knight #2 - 5k
Vaizard Knight #3 - 5k


Bounto Leader - 5k
Bounto Soldier #1 - 1k
Bounto Soldier #2 - 1k
Bounto Soldier #3 - 1k


Inoue Leader - 10k
Inoue Fighter #1 -7k
Inoue Defender #2 - 7k
Inoue Healer #3 - 7k


Sado Leader - 5k
Sado Soldier - 1k
Sado Soldier - 1k
Sado Soldier - 1k


Quincy Arrancer - 10k: Soki212
Quincy Elder - 7k
Quincy Soldier #1 - 5k
Quincy Soldier #2 - 5k
Quincy Soldier #3 - 5k

Hub Designer: Ddare28
-thank him