Pokemon NetWorld

by SolarOblivion
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Version 6.5 Beta
Date added: Oct 4 2010
Last updated: Aug 3 2016
Last played: Jul 18 2016
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Pokemon NetWorld under new management{8/3/16 - 9:58 PM EST}

I felt that for the future of the project, to satisfy the fans, and to put myself at peace, handing over the reigns was the best move. With my interest in PNW waning and the large expectations I have for my new project, I simply do not have the time or desire to try to juggle both, and instead of abandoning the project like I seemed to be heading toward, I decided to take another dev up on their offer to continue the project in my stead, so that you guys can continue to enjoy this game and continue to see the project grow.
The new location of the game can be found here

Where things stand{6/29/16 - 1:00 PM EST}

I feel I owe it to the fans of this game to get you all up to speed on what's been going on with this project: The reason this hasn't been hosted very often in the last few weeks is interest; that is to say, my interest as a developer, and you guys' interest as the players. Being that this is a Pokemon game, it is impossible for me to ever make any money off of this project, which means that the only incentive I have to continue pouring hours into development is you guys' support. Now don't get me wrong-- the support is definitely there as I still get PMs asking about the game pretty much every other day; it's definitely appreciated-- however continued interest and higher player counts during times when the game is up will ultimately be my motivation to keep building. The odd helper aside, I'm just 1 man so I can only divide my time but so much. In addition, I've started a new, completely original project that has an end goal of reaching Steam or some web platform or other, so my main focus has shifted to that as that is something that can potentially make me some money (which I'm in need of).

tl;dr: No PNW isn't dead. I'll try to host more if players show they really want it. Also keep an eye out for my new project

Announcement{6/15/16 - 11:30 PM EST}

Update! (Beta version 6.5) Changes/Additions include:

  • Wild Pokemon now spawn with the moves that they learn around their level rather than the first 4 moves they learn period
  • New area: Whitestone Valley
  • More Attacks added (Ground and Psychic were shown love)
  • New "quest" NPCs
  • Slight spawn adjustments and bug fixes

Announcement{6/14/16 - 7:39 PM EST}

Update (non-game version kind)
So I think it's only right that I fill everyone in on what's going on and why the game hasn't been up in a few days. While the next version (likely will be labeled 6.5) is in the works, I haven't approached updating the game with the same passion and vigor that I've had with past updates. To be honest, I just haven't been feeling it for various reasons, so the additions and changes have been going at a slower rate. The update WILL drop before too long, I just have to summon up the morale to go ahead and finish it. Sorry guys.

Announcement{6/9/16 - 9:03 PM EST}

Minor Update (Beta version 6.1)
Didn't get to do too much between last update and this one due to having real life stuff to take care of. Changes/Additions include:

  • Several new hairstyles (thanks to Shadowcrow1996)
  • Time of Day transitions now last only 15 minutes down from 30 minutes each. This makes a full day equal a nice simple 1 hour in real life and should make finding time-specific Pokemon a little easier
  • Stone Edge added
  • 1 new Pokemon (plus evolution) added
  • Minor bug fixes and tweaks

Announcement{6/7/16 - 9:40 PM EST}

Major Update! (Beta version 6.0)
This update took a lot of time and work so I hope you guys enjoy! A few people have been asking what they can do to show their support for this project. You can support by donating via Google Wallet to [email protected]. Of course there's no obligation, but anything given is greatly appreciated. I put so much into this game because of you guys, and I greatly appreciate it even if all you can give is your thanks or praise.
Now without further ado, Changes/Additions include:

  • New Area! Explore Laifsa Beach, located east of Cave Chappelle!
  • Trade System (yes, that means trade evolutions are now online)
  • A FUCKTON of new Pokemon
  • Lots of new attacks (some love shown to Electric and Water this update)
  • New Pokedex Quest NPCs
  • Nerf to Freeze and Sleep status conditions
  • Fix for wild Pokemon not being affected by Flinch, and slight change to Flinching (now always adds 3 seconds of cooldown)
  • Dedicated Mute toggle
  • Fix for status change messages not displaying
  • Adjustment to stat tab for your active Pokemon (now displays more info and is more easily legible)
  • In addition to water types, Pokemon who visually fly can now join you in water
  • Bug fixes and visual tweaks

Announcement{6/4/16 - 8:57 PM EST}

Update! (Beta version 5.1) Changes/Additions include:

  • Additional item slot (by popular request)
  • More Attacks added (Grass and Fighting types got shown much-needed love. Electric and Water are next)
  • More Pokemon added (inc. morning and night spawns for existing locations)
  • Hoenn starters corrected/updated with ORAS move levels
  • Morning, Night, and Rain-only spawns now have increased rarity (between Rare and Very Rare)
  • Adjustments to some Pokemon who didn't have ORAS updated stats

Announcement{6/3/16 - 12:13 PM EST}

Major Update! (Beta version 5.0) Changes/Additions include:

  • PC System (finally)
  • Held items (drag an item to your Pokemon to have them hold it!)
  • PVP is back! (everywhere from Cave Chappelle onward is open PVP)
  • Pokedex system! Scan a Pokemon like the show!
  • Psuedo-quest NPCs added
  • More Attacks added
  • New Pokemon added
  • Friendship corrected to start at 70 instead of 0
  • Bug fixes

Announcement{5/31/16 - 4:38 PM EST}

Update! (Beta version 4.0) Changes/Additions include:

  • The cave is now open!
  • A ton of new Pokemon added
  • Even more Attacks added
  • The attack system has been future-proofed so any changes to attacks will automatically apply for everyone without needing a wipe (wipes may be necessary for other additions/changes though)
  • Spawn location tweaks & changes
  • Bug fixes for evolution

Announcement{5/29/16 - 2:41 PM EST}

Update! (Beta version 3.6) Changes/Additions include:

  • Status effects now fully functional! (minus confusion. Didn't feel like it. Next update.)
  • Friendship system now included. Pokemon that evolve from high friendship now properly evolve when friendship is maxed
  • Even more Attacks added
  • More Pokemon added
  • Slight spawn location and rarity tweaks & changes
  • Bug fixes and optimizations

Announcement{5/27/16 - 9:58 PM EST}

Update! (Beta version 3.5) Changes/Additions include:

  • Game window size adjusted to accommodate the many laptop players who were experiencing the shrunken window bug
  • Graphical update to some tiles
  • More Attacks added
  • More Pokemon added
  • Consumable items are now in the game, starting with the evolution stones (by popular demand)
  • Bug fixes and minor graphical enhancements

Note: No test session today because of how long the update took to complete. Look for the game to be up tomorrow, though!

Announcement{5/25/16 - 12:35 PM EST}

Update! (Beta version 3.2) Changes/Additions include:

  • Improvements & fixes to party system
  • Changelog button to see changes (currently just sends you here but will eventually be a dedicated changelog)
  • If a Pokemon currently has no damaging moves because the moves it would have are not added yet, it will have access to Struggle. This is a temporary solution for Pokemon who were previously untrainable.
  • 1 new hairstyle
  • Due to mixed feedback on the feature, the Zoom effect introduced in the previous update is now toggleable
  • Minor bug fixes, performance enhancements, and graphical updates (as always)

Announcement{5/24/16 - 6:00 PM EST}

Update! (Beta version 3.1) Changes/Additions include:

  • Party with a player to share encounters
  • Camera zooms when you attack or talk to an NPC or when you encounter a Pokemon
  • Weather changes now possible
  • Certain Pokemon now spawn only if it's Night/Morning/Raining/etc.
  • Minor bug fixes, performance enhancements, and graphical updates

Announcement{5/23/16 - 10:00 PM EST}

Update! (Beta version 3.0) That's right another major update! I spent MANY hours working on this update so I hope you enjoy. Changes/Additions include:

  • A complete revamp to the way Pokemon are encountered
  • A change to the way the game is displayed (now native 1024x768)
  • Pokemon now have a chance of having a held item which you obtain upon capturing them
  • New Pokemon Added
  • Performance enhancements to the day/night cycle
  • Changes to the map (temporary)
  • Minor bug fixes, performance enhancements, and graphical updates
  • Unfortunately, this update will ALSO require everyone to start fresh due to the main update affecting Pokemon rarity

Announcement{5/22/16 - 12:28 PM EST}

Progress has been off the charts thanks to the bug-finding and feedback of all of the lovely Beta testers! That being the case, another major feature is being added, and unfortunately will require everyone to start fresh. Hopefully all of the new features in version 2.1 will make up for it! I appreciate your understanding, and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone when the game goes live again with 2.1!

Announcement{5/21/16 - 4:45 PM EST}

Version 2.0 of the Beta is now in effect! Changes/Additions include:

  • Sound Effects
  • Attack Delay revamp (rather than each attack having its own specific delay, there is now a universal delay for the Pokemon that is affected by its Speed stat)
  • Wild Pokemon now heal after a few seconds of not being in battle
  • A tool for faster movement (play to see what it is and how it works!)
  • The ability to clear both text output windows
  • Minor graphical tweaks & bug fixes

    Announcement{5/20/16 - 7:42 PM EST}

    Capture system has been corrected and now uses the proper math. Big thanks to the tester who noticed the flaw. Please note: this game uses Gen 3 & 4's capture formula.

    Announcement{4/2/16 - 5:27 PM EST}

    Item system has been successfully implemented! To use an item, drag it to the circular item slot and press F

    Announcement{4/1/16 - 11:00 AM EST}

    After 4 years, I've returned to the scene to continue work on this game! Need an influx of players to help test for bugs and glitches, as well as give suggestions on what they would like to see in the game! Despite the date, this is NOT an April Fool's joke!

    Announcement{5/20/12 - 10:35 AM EST}

    As of yesterday, production of this game has resumed! I'm class-free for the summer, so I should be able to make good progress.

    Announcement{11/14/11 - 10:49 PM EST}

    Pre-Alpha Hosting Session Part 2 has begun!

    Announcement{11/13/11 - 1:19 AM EST}

    I apologize to everyone who waited for the game to be hosted. I had a busy day running errands in the real world making hosting impossible. I have things to do today also, so the game may or may not be hosted. Regardless, it WILL be put up ASAP as promised; I'll keep you guys posted.

    Announcement{11/12/11 - 1:00 AM EST}

    Since last testing session was such a success, my treat to everyone is another one later today! Check for the game to be up sometime tonight :)

    Announcement{11/11/11 - 5:28 PM EST}

    Hosting pre-Alpha publicly! I'm only keeping it open for a short period of time so if you miss it you miss it until the official version 1 Alpha is released!

    • (5:50 PM EST) Investigating a problem that's preventing testing... Will have it fixed ASAP
    • (6:20 PM EST) Put a bandaid on the problem until I can fully fix it; game is now playable.
    • (6:28 PM EST) Apparently the problem is NOT fixed. Working on it again -_-

    Announcement{10/27/11 - 6:16 PM EST}

    Development is progressing smoothly. The Alpha Test should be here soon, I just need to fix the bugs encountered up until this point and make the test area more newb-friendly.

    Announcement{10/22/11 - 4:31 PM EST}

    Just a quick announcement to let everyone know that this project is NOT dead. Production of this game has resumed (at a regular pace) as of last week and I am working hard to make sure there is a playable Alpha Test very soon. Until then, add yourself as a Fan and check back regularly for more updates!

    Announcement{11/12/10 - 9:57 AM EST}

    Going to be opening the Alpha test a little early. Look for it before the week is up.



The HaTeD: (Jun 29 2016, 11:00 am)
Make sure to fan the game or else it wont be hosted!
Ganite: (Jun 29 2016, 8:07 am)
Lordmegax: (Jun 18 2016, 11:09 am)
been enjoying the game so far, it has a lot of potential and i WILL recommend it to all ik :P
SolarOblivion: (May 19 2016, 7:05 am)
For those that don't know, work on this game has resumed (mainly because of how far along it already was). I'm in need of players for testing though. I actually resumed this a couple of months ago but I haven't really hosted much because of lack of players. So please favorite this in your hub and jump on whenever you see it online and tell a friend!
Ryuk25: (Aug 9 2012, 8:45 am)
Do some open beta or something...i'm bored i wanna play this beast game!!!!