Bleach Shattered Souls

by Soul Society Production
Bleach Shattered Souls
A new original Bleach game with great graphics, nice gameplay, and all original codes. Sprited by Soul Society Production. [More]

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Version 0.01
Date added: Sep 2 2007
Last updated: Oct 20 2007
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Welcome to Bleach Shattered <i><small>Souls

From the Creators of Bleach Dark Memories, we bring you a completely Original New Bleach Game. Bleach Shattered Souls. We hope to stand out from the Crowd. This game is going to be 100% Original in it's Spritings, Programmings, and Maps. As of right now there is no set release date. Please check out our forums to be more informed. Also, please keep your support for Bleach Shattered Souls. There will be no ranking bonus, we wish for Bleach Shattered Souls to obtain a good rank for being the game people love to play.

|Alpha Release Progress|
Sound FX|78%


Rippers Beware!
Remember that this game will be 100% original. All icons, codes, maps, belong to Soul Society Production. Any rips of this game will be reported to byond.

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We would like to inform everyone that this game will have role playing parts in it, so we would like to see role playing names. And no Dakiller2895 isn't a role playing name. We wont take it as far as Bleach Las Noches which makes you role play for everything you do including killing, but please we would like it if our players follow this rule. Thank you for your time.

Contacting the Staff

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Thank You Jeremy and Scizz for coding help.