Dragonball Z Insanity

by Spree60
Revamped map! Faster training than before!Come apply for staff, we need Staff/GMs! [More]

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Date added: Jul 3 2008
Last updated: Sep 13 2008
Last played: Oct 30 2008
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Welcome to Dragonball Z:Insanity, a welcome community ready to let you in into non-stop combat, adventure, romance, and overall a good time.

We do not support any edits, whatsoever. I will try my best to make sure that no one has received edits

We offer:
Decent training that isn't amazingly fast
A good map
An experience like no other.

..::Overall Rules::..
1.No spamming(mute, boot, boot, boot, ban)
2.No constant caps. One SMALL sentence is fine.(mute, mute, mute, boot)
3.No advertising (mute if an accident, ban if ALL OUT advertising, on purpose.)
4.Listen to the Head Staff and Owner no matter what. Are they abusing?Report it to me.

::..GM Rules..::
1.Listen to your higher authority. If they are abusing the privelege of being a higher level GM, let Tacoon know.
2.No abusing your powers. This means muting, booting, banning, locking movement, or any of your powers for fun, or for other's or your entertainment.
3.No begging for a promotion.
4.No quitting on the job. This means not doing anything. Not feeling like being on because your in a bad mood?Get off.
5.No editing yourself or others.
6.No abusing revive/kill verbs
---!!!Punishment for breaking these rules will be severe!!!---
..::(Staff Rules)::..
1.All the rules of a GM.

Brief explanation:
Owner = Highest level GM. Only could be fired by Tacoon, the base owner.
Head Staff= People chosen by Tacoon who deal with either staff/players becoming GM's/being fired.
Staff= Coder/iconner OR someone he was personally chosen by Tacoon, and who can only be fired by Tacoon.
Player Moderator= Moderator/GM who watches the chat and moderates it.
Game Moderator= Person who deals with things HAPPENING in game, such as bugs, people breaking the rules
Tacoon is the owner of the game, he is also the current host.Reyout is also an owner.

Head Staff:{open}
{open}deals with player issues, like hiring players to a GM spot.

Head Staff:{open}
{open} deals with staff issues, like promoting/demoting/firing GM's

Staff:Son Nero
Son Nero is a Game Moderator who has been lending a hand in moderating since the start.

Colton is the owner of Naruto Ninja Faith

Shadow is an owner of Naruto Ninja Faith

Game Moderators:None.
Player Moderators:None.

We do offer a ranking boost.

Colton,Shadow,Amber,Blind Prophet, and Tacoon ALL play this amazingly addicting and fun naruto game. Like the staff and game?Check it out!