Naruto: Evolution

by Squigs
Naruto: Evolution starts up a new era! [More]

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Date added: Apr 19 2014
Last updated: Apr 3 2016
Last played: Oct 24 2018
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Become a ninja and explore the world along side your friends and fellow villagers! Fight for your life as you rank up in your village and level up your skills to become the most powerful of them all. Take on your rivals, fight off the akatsuki and seven swordsmen of the mist, or even join their ranks. The world is your play-thing as you fight through the rankings and become the most powerful shinobi!

The game, and hub are both going through many heavy changes. Thank you for your patience.

These changes have been put on hold due to lack of staff and because the only person working on the game doesn't really trust anyone else with the coding, even if it's not that differently updated.

Credits to, but not excluded to: Reformist, Sphinxe1, Yutput, Crazah, Viktorian, SasukeHawk, Niro1, Idoshen, Lavitiz, Raunts61, 69-LOKI-69, DarkNinjaNaut, and any others I may have missed. Thank you.


Trapp: (Oct 5, 12:19 am)
Sup Squigs any news about the host files ?
Thesh1r4: (Sep 12, 4:59 pm)
Quiero volver a jugar, es el mejor juego de Naruto, solo le falto mas publicidad, espero jugarlo pronto :D "Kiochi"
Squigs: (Jul 13, 10:43 am)
Alrighty then. I'm in the process of getting a new computer, and as part of said process I've already begun moving stuff from my old laptop. Unfortunately I've already moved the byond source and all the files to go with it. So I can't upload the host files until I get the new computer and have it up and running. Sorry.
Squigs: (Jul 10, 11:30 am)
RGRID wrote:
Sup Squigs, can you upload host files in order to host the game ? have a nice day
a old player.

Yeah I'll figure that out for ya soon. Working today. Give me a few days.
KennyCool619: (Jul 4, 5:33 pm)
AH! The good old days. I miss getting on here and hanging out with everyone. I wish everyone would come back to playing this game.