Rotting Aftermath

by Ss4gogeta0
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Medals Earned

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Medal Player Date
Sep 3, 10:29 pm
Jul 8, 12:57 pm
Jun 25, 11:46 pm
Jun 25, 11:40 pm
May 25, 4:23 am
Apr 18, 8:02 am
Apr 15, 8:36 am
Apr 6, 10:00 am
Apr 5, 1:29 pm
Apr 4, 2:47 pm
Mar 30, 3:46 pm
Mar 23, 12:46 pm
Mar 22, 10:07 am
Mar 17, 11:03 pm
Mar 7, 12:59 pm
Feb 24, 11:28 pm
Feb 21, 5:34 pm
Feb 8, 8:04 am
Feb 4, 3:48 pm
Jan 15, 4:46 pm
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Medals Available


Join The Friends

Born From Adam

Join the Genesis Church of Evangelical neon

S.T.A.R.S. Dark Shadow

Join the Biohaze Rescue Squad

I'm just a Scientist

Join Core Electronics

EraTek Internatinal

Become an EraTek Scientist

Welcome to the Force

Login as a Police officer

Another day, Another dollar

Login as a Civilian

Damn it Dave, Im a Doctor

Login as a Doctor

Hotel Moscow is Open for Business

Join the Russian Mafia

A Friend in Need

rescue a survivor


Defeat 20 Zombies with Melee Weapons

Whaddya Buyin?

Have a total of $50,000

Tattooed Millionaire

Have a total of $1 Million

Billion Dollar Babies

Have a total of $1 Billion

Are you kidding me...?

Have a total of $999,999,999

Stranger, Stranger!

Buy the Handcannon

Let's get Tactical

Buy a Tactical Vest

Do you feel lucky, punk?

buy the S&W 44 Mag

Extra Space

Equip the Sidepack

Here's Trenchy

Meet MR.X

Zombie Genocide

Kill 53,595 Infected.

One of Them

Become Infected...

Zombie Slaughter

Kill 500 Zombies

Zombie Destruction

Kill 5,000 Zombies

Z-Genocider 2: Genocide Harder

Kill 53,596 zombies.

This is my Boom Stick!

Kill 250 Zombies using Shotguns.

Dead Man's Hand

Kill 150 Zombies using Pistols

One Shot. One Kill.

Kill 100 Zombies using a Rifle

Alright, Who Wants Some?

Kill 250 Zombies using a SMG

Seven-six-two Millimeter

Kill 250 Zombies using a Assault Rifle

Field Medic

Heal other players 25 times

Gotta find'em all

Examine all the Notes...
Tour Guide

Rescue 8 Survivors