by Starborn910
An Action-based MORPG that is currently being developed. [More]

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Version 0.3
Date added: Dec 27 2014
Last updated: Nov 27 2016
Last played: Nov 29 2016
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Welcome to the world of Aetheria! Though this game is in mid-development stages, it is being updated daily so every time you login you can expect to see tons of new content.

Update: The official website is now online at

Genre: Action MORPG ( Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game )

- Engage in epic, fast-paced battles that will push you to your limit.

- Fight with a large assortment of short and long ranged weapons, each with it's own tactical advantage.

- Practice magic and learn thousands of spells that can give you an advantage in battle, help you access new areas, or give you a competitive edge in one of your other skills.

- Play an assortment of single-player and multi-player mini games to earn gold and rare items.

- Join PVP tournaments, compete for rankings, and try to reach the top of the scoreboard.

- Become a master of all of the elements and incorporate them into your weapons, armor, and spells, and a large assortment of items.

- Participate in events and contests to receive rare items that no other player will ever possess.

- Solve complicated puzzles to unlock areas that were previously unaccessable.

- Explore the depths of caves, fight your way through dungeons, roam castles of unimaginable sizes

- Find treasure chests filled with rare items hidden in secret areas on nearly every map.

- Chat with other players and make tons of friends.

- Create a party and fight along side your new comrades.

- Start a guild and turn it into a powerful empire that cannot be defeated.

If you find a bug please report it in the forums. You can also use the forums to request features or discuss anything else related to the Aetheria.

Note: Though most of these features have been programmed, not all of them are publicly available yet. I would rather release features as they are 100% completed than have a ton of error-ridden systems slowing down the server. Thanks for your patience guys, bear with me and you will not be disappointed.


Ter13 - RoofLib
LummoxJR - SwapMaps
Flick - F_Damage


Avidanimefan: (Jul 9 2016, 4:56 pm)
No problem. Great effort thus far. I'd have played more I just couldn't find a shop or anything that would allow me to defeat enemies so I stopped there (for now)

Looking forward to the next batch of updates.
Starborn910: (Jul 9 2016, 4:47 pm)
thank you for the feedback.

the mobs are deleted on logout, so those must have been idle players, like you said.

i wasn't aware of the overhead caused by calling procs too much when i started this project a while back, so i'm almost certain that's the cause of the laggy-ness. i'm in the process of fixing that abuse now.

the game probably seems aimless because of the fact that there really isn't much to do yet other than fight monsters. when i have enough content ready, i'm going to expand on the help menu with a beginners guide that explains where to start the first few quests, how each of the stats factors into the different types of combat, and how to progress in the game.

Avidanimefan: (Jul 9 2016, 5:06 am)
on logout the mobs should be deleted otherwise phantom empty "players" will litter your map.(edit:these may have been players just standing around..not sure)

The game seemed a bit laggy. perhaps profiling will help you understand which of your verbs and procs are putting out the most lag.

The game seems a bit aimless when you start. perhaps providing some sort of directions for the player is in order.

Visually appealing.

I like the amount of work and detail placed into it.