Stargate : BYOND

by Stargate_Offic
Stargate : BYOND
Step BYOND the event horizon in this RPG style Stargate Game set in the Pegasus Galaxy ! [More]

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Version 1.0
Date added: Feb 11 2021
Last updated: Feb 21
Last played: Sep 20
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Game in ALPHA stage.

About us:

We are a small group of fans using some of our free time to create this little universe based on our favourite show.

About Stargate BYOND

The SGC has been compromised. Earth has fallen. Pegasus is the only safehaven left in two galaxies.

The Wraith have awakened once again and its up to you to forge your destiny in this new and curious world.

The events of Stargate BYOND happen in an alternate reality shortly before the discovery of Atlantis. Earth has fallen and the Tau'ri must evacuate to pegasus to rebuild. Unknowingly awakening a formidable new foe.

DEV Team

Stargate_Offic - Lead Developer
B4ssQontr0ler - Lead Pixel Artist / World Creator


DrTimeLord89 - For helping with the original project.

Stargate: BYOND is a non-profit game, and is not intended for sales for any sort. It is in no way affiliated with, or sponsored or approved. This work is for the personal, uncompensated enjoyment of us and other Stargate Fans. Stargate, "Stargate SG-1," "Stargate Atlantis," "Stargate Universe," "Stargate Infinity," "Stargate Online Trading Card Game," references, characters, and images from the film and television series are copyrighted by MGM Television Entertainment, Stargate Productions, and Sony. All other trademarks, trade names or copyrighted materials are the property of their respective owners. Stargate SG-1 and 1997 2006 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, Inc.
Stargate: BYOND game graphics & code Copyright 2021 their respective owners. All Rights Reserved.


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I guess she's an XBOX, I'm more Tau'ri

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