Stargate Adventures

by Stargateunlimited
Stargate Adventures
Stargate Adventures is a RPG packed full of fun people and Action. [More]

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Version 2.0
Date added: Jan 26 2008
Last updated: Oct 2 2014
Last played: May 30 2016
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Intergalactic Situation </Center
The War With the Goa'uld is all but over Ba'al is still alive all his other clones killed (that we know of) the Lucian alliance is still at large gaining strength everyday, Information About the Destiny is still unknown at this time we lost contact with them when they went into the Statis Chambers and are long over due for their scheduled checkin which was 3 years ago.
Meanwhile In the Pegasus Galaxy The Atlantis has been moved back to the Pegasus Galaxy via the Wormhole Drive unfortunatly the prototype engine was burnt out on the return trip and we are years away from even basically understanding how that technology even works let alone repair it. The Genii are an ever growing problem with their new "Coalition of Planets" they have formed to try and turn the galaxy Against Atlantis and the Tau'ri, The Wraith are still an Issue for the inhabitants of the Pegasus galaxy, and the Pegasus Asgard have yet to be seen since their last encounter several years ago.

Take Control of Your Destiny! and Let Your Path Unfold

Current Staff!

Stargateunlimited! - Owner/Coder
Jaden Kent! - Owner/Coder
Maniazg0d - Lead Iconner
Tesla67 - Coder/Debug Admin
Bigt11039 - Enforcer
If You Think You Have What It Take's Too Be a Part Of This Staff! Get In contact With One Of These Members In-game!.

Race Leaders!!

Looking - Earth
Bigt11039 - Tok'ra
Looking - Baal
Looking - Genii
Looking - Lucian Alliance
looking - Wraith
Looking - Atlantis

These are Our Race Leader's.


-Remastered Coding/new maps!
-Loads of bugs are now fixed!

Up Coming Features

-New Verbs for players.
-Advanced Monitoring (Staff and Player).
- Guilds and other Related Features
- Ships Added back in
-Herbalism (Meds and Stuff)
-Medal System.
-Capture The Planet (non Stop Event).
-Buyable House System.

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Gameaddicts: (Oct 9 2014, 6:32 am)
Why don't these games ever keep going when they start? Every time an awesome star gate game kicks off I get excited and then it just flits out!!I hope one sticks around eventually because I am a huge star gate fan.