Ninja Showdown

by Straw Hat Creations
Ninja Showdown
A fast-paced action sidescroller game. [More]

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Version 1.1 alpha
Date added: Apr 18 2014
Last updated: Mar 27 2016
Last played: Mar 25 2015
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Due to the 5th Great Ninja War, the Rock and Rain Village have been utterly destroyed. While efforts are being made to repair them, all villages mourn for the loss of their kages. With the death of the old village leaders, villages are left without direction and are practically defenseless. The old shinobi era is over. This new era will be in the hands of a new generation of shinobi. Whether the world will continue on the same path, it will be known soon. In this new generation, the Uchihas, carriers of hatred, have moved to the Leaf Village, and are greeted with extreme racism. Will this lead to more killing and wars? Only time will tell. Nevertheless, now it is your time. You must place your names in the annals of this new history taking fold. Go out into the world and prosper!
Shinobido: Progression goals
  • Complete game balance.
  • Intricating game-play, with distinguishable graphics that will make you feel a better player experience!
  • Advanced NPC Artificial Intelligence
  • Get involved in your very own story! Complete missions/quests, earn money and much, much more!

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Shinobido: Announcements
  • 10, Jan, '15 - Version 4.1b (BUILD is almost ready for a release!
    An Economy system has been implemented in the game, and a testing session is to be present soon!
  • 27, Sep, '14 - Version 4.0b (BUILD has been released!