Santas Little Helper

by Strawgate
How long will santa last, with you being his helper! [More]

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Version 1.0
Date added: Apr 4 2005
Last updated: Apr 10 2005
Last played: Apr 27 2007
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Currently the game is a bit easy, The formula's are still being tested, and Im trying hard to make it balanced
Your santa has been away from his wife for a long long time, so its your job to take over almost everything! Santa use to work 20 hours a day 364 days a year writing financial reports. Now he only works on 12/25/05. Its your job to control his finances, qaulity of toys, and how high your belief is. But theres no electricity in the north pole, so your printers of money are run off belief, The higher your belief the more money you make! The higher qaulity toys, the higher the belief goes!

-Fixed another huge lag issue with multi-user.
-Game is almost finished and playable.
-anti-cheat isnt completed yet.
-Soon, I will be making a turn based version that depends on you actually being there to play.

Fixed HUGE lag issue, which caused HUGE lag with more then 1 player.
-Much more improved, started testing today.
-Still need to add it so people cant cheat easly.
-Added the proc which adds cost to toys., and fixed the money proc.
-Added Christains, and SantaBelievers.
-Made interface much better.
Added a pause button!
Added basic verbs, No major proc's in yet.
Finished the printer proc!

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