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A Role-playing game. One of the game's focuses is on different generations. Original code and mostly original icons. No coded tyrant admins, just fun times. [More]
Version 1.4
Date added: Apr 15 2008
Last updated: Dec 7 2016
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Only Windows users can play this game. If you are using an emulator, enter the URL for the game in File | Open Location on your BYOND pager menu.

byond:// [Version 1.9 Update Phase: Final [Fix 104]

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This is a Roleplaying game for all the people who are treated unfairly on other Roleplaying games and people who want to have a fun time.

This game will never have any coded admins, (admins that are hard coded into the game, who usually come in and disrupt things even more than the players that admins protect against), except the owner.


24/7 hosting via shell servers.

Currently using BYOND Forums above (Discussion).

NeoHaxor - For his hard work on the drunken speech lib.
Rock - For the original human base icon.
Kaitsuru - Big thanks for major help with the clothing and some blast icons!

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It's over nine-THOUSAAND

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It's over nine-THOUSAAND

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