League of Power

by Taitz
League of Power
Obtain abilities, create and develop your skills and battle it out. [More]

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Version Alpha Testing
Date added: Jul 6 2011
Last updated: Jul 31 2011
Last played: Aug 16 2011
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The game is in development stage and a few things might be a bit glichy, which is to be expected.


Also, hosting from time to time to test out the new systems, I add something new quite regularly.

PS! Do not expect me to host every day and for it to last more than an hour. The game isn't exactly playable at this moment. Focusing on the basic systems for the moment.

Update 28.07.2011
  • Made flying altitude changes fluid.
  • Added a browser window to the interface.
  • Added a new class called "The Spirit".
  • Added Intangibility.
  • Added Possession.
  • Fixed a few glitches.

Update 27.07.2011
  • Added trees as turf objects.
  • Tweaked the projectile physics to be more fluid.
  • Fixed a couple of gliches.
  • Screen flashes red when you are damaged.

Update 19.07.2011
  • Minor changes to the HUD.
  • Minor changes to the turf icons.
  • Polished up the login system.
  • Changed the size of the on-screen numbers for the hotkey bars and the health/energy display. For better visibility.

Update 18.07.2011
  • All damage to the back is counted as critical hits, thus effectively doubling the damage.
  • Added grabbing. The grabbed character moves around along with the grabber and acts as a "meatshield", although always trying to break free. This is Strength based.

Update 17.07.2011
  • Energy Absorption gives you +10 Energy for every 10 levels.
  • Rapid Regeneration gives you +1 Regeneration for every 10 levels.
  • Super Strength gives you +10% Strength for every 10 levels.
  • Super Constitution gives you +10 Health and +10% Constitution for every 10 levels.
  • Remade damage and healing numbers, which are to be displayed on-screen.

Update 16.07.2011
  • Slight modification to the mob body.
  • Changed the hud health and energy bars.

Update 15.07.2011
  • Started working on class system.
  • Added a new Super Power called Energy Cloak.

Update 14.07.2011
  • Added on-screen health and energy displays.
  • Player names can't contain several blacklisted words.
  • Player names can no longer contain spaces, numbers and symbols.
  • Added skin hue support to mob icons.
  • Fixed the usage of Super Jump, the way it was supposed to work.
  • Made changes to the swimming function, to make it more efficent.
  • Health regeneration now only gets displayed on the screen when it is unnatural.
  • Various small bug fixes.

Update 13.07.2011
  • Damage and healing on-screen display based, instead of text based output.
  • Tweaked the interface around a bit.
  • Added snow and ice turfs.
  • Various bug fixes.


Taitz: (Jul 20 2012, 3:18 am)
I had some technical issues with my laptop in the time back and after I got it fixed, I was away in the Estonian Defense Forces. And now, I don't quite feel like working on it.
Yusuke13: (Jul 17 2012, 12:48 pm)
Where did this game go?
Brettpenzer: (Oct 6 2011, 7:50 pm)
i played this game, it's not that good
30402: (Aug 20 2011, 4:11 am)
Look Like Its Going To be A Amazing Game
Flysbad: (Jul 30 2011, 10:07 am)
Looks Great .