Denisan:Become the legend

by Taoren22
Denisan:Become the legend
Updates coming soon if u can help add key Taoren22 and denisan [More]

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Date added: Dec 29 2010
Last updated: Dec 30 2010
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Kage req-014 Org leader-015 Logs will be Faster Mission will be Harder this will ebcome the best game ever on byond even beter then Naruto Ninja Dark faith and any other game u can think of gm will be givng out soon dotn ask for gm we will assign it to u if u work hard and help other Gm are nice respectfull and they will never abuse Staff Rank-Taoren22 Main Owner, Guest-480945444 Main owner Denisan Main owner NImetz-Owner Zaroc Upload-Owner The_Last_Shaman Best head admin Gm stops are Open Be warned May be an Lot of Wars.Kazekage~Open
Izuchikage ~ Open
All Others- OpenAssassin Leader ~
Assassin #1 ~
Assassin #2 ~
Assassin #3 ~ Open
Assassin #4 ~ Open
Assassin #5 ~ Open
Assassin #6 ~ Open
Assassin #7 ~ Open
Assassin #8 ~ Open
Assassin #9 ~ Open
Assassin #10 ~ Open Hebi Leader Sasuke ~ Open
Hebi Co Leader Juugo ~ Open
Hebi Member ecret Akatsuki Leader(Madara)~Open
Akatsuki Co Leader(Pein)~
Akatsuki Member(Itachi)~
Akatsuki Member(Kisame)~
Akatsuki Member(Konan)~
Akatsuki Member(Zetsu)~
Akatsuki Member(Sasori)~
Akatsuki Member(Deidara)~
Akatsuki Member(Kakuzu)~
Akatsuki Member(Hidan)~
Deceased Akatsuki Leader(Yahiko)~
Deceased Akatsuki Leader(Nagato)~
Defected Akatsuki Member(Orochimaru)~
Suigetsu Org XIII Leader ~ None
(Org XII can have 13 members)


Taoren22: (Dec 30 2010, 9:35 am)
updates coming guys if u can help post ur key here and add my key Taoren22