Maladjusted Destiny

by Taran09
Can u be the Ultimate Warrior on this turn based text arena [More]

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Date added: Jul 9 2011
Last updated: Jul 10 2011
Last played: Jul 11 2011
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Story Line

200 years ago a man walked to the top of a mountain to summon a devastating creature to end the planet with one powerful blow, many were called upon to deal with this problem. Among those called upon were an Elf, a Dark Elf, a High Elf, an Ogre, a Vampire, a Half ling,a Hobbit, a Dwarf, a Human, a Demon, an Orc, a Half Orc, a Giant, a Ghost, a Elemental Beast, and a Twin. All were chosen to save the planet from the chaos, but with each held a flaw of treachery, greed, and ambition. The Wizards sealed away the Demon inside a crystal prism not to be brought back. 200 years later the crystal shattered
across the land of Tibia, and the evil was once again spread across the land. But newcomers arose to stop this evil, now those who will face this challenge have come forth,See if u can defeat the master of the elements to become the most feared warrior on all of Maladjusted Destiny.

National Guardsmen(Original Owner)

Game was originally created by enraged gaming but updating had stop but now it is back so please come in and enjoy i am now testing please report all bugs to me at [email protected]