DBZ: United Heroes 2

by Tarundbz
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Version open testing
Date added: Jan 8 2011
Last updated: Jun 2
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DBZ: United Heroes 2
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United Heroes 2 is a game made by fans for fans, all icons, turfs and code belongs to their respectful owners and we have no claim on them. Enjoy this new wonderful DBZ game which is updated frequently.

Owner/Creator: Tarundbz
Co-Owner: no One
Host: DistantWorld101
Head GM: Tigr3x
GM: B-Blast


http://www.facebook.com/pages/DBZ-United-Heroes-2/ 464116666981311

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Locked: MOD applications by Tarundbz
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Garafolawesome3: (Tuesday, 11:27 am)
The fact that the lag is continuously coming back right after the reboot occurs. =[ But maybe a solution to this problem instead of blaming snaps for everything maybe you might want to fix the coding or hosting issues. =/
Zhylpheas: (Monday, 3:46 pm)
http://prntscr.com/45030u LOL, this is self explanatory man. prison time
Zhylpheas: (Monday, 7:22 am)
Apology accepted, but that still doesn't reverse the fact that something fucked up the server. Seeing as so many people were booted, the server fucked up right then and there. So...
Snapbackz: (Sunday, 1:05 am)
Listen,I didn't screw up the server. People were complaining about the lag so as I usually do I ask them if they want a reboot,and allot of them said no,just boot the afk players. Now Im someone who doens't like to boot but they kept saying just do it,maybe the lag will decrease. So.. I did and the lag was the same,Sooo then I rebooted but the server got disconnected or something idk. And also jford001 stated that its not the players fault,its either the owners wifi or coding idk. But I'd like to say sorry for booting the afk players :/
Xx7Nightmare7xx: (Jul 18, 3:36 pm)
Also, thanks to GM Snapbackz for screwing up the server and booting nearly everyone? ( It was really the AFK People, but over 70% are usually AFK anyway. )