DBZ: United Heroes 2

by Tarundbz
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Version open testing
Date added: Jan 8 2011
Last updated: Apr 9
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DBZ: United Heroes 2
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byond://BYOND.world.803224301 [(v80) 20 Online DBZ:HU2 24/7 shell server Lagless.Up Time:13:33:11]

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United Heroes 2 is a game made by fans for fans, all icons, turfs and code belongs to their respectful owners and we have no claim on them. Enjoy this new wonderful DBZ game which is updated frequently.

Owner/Creator: Tarundbz
Co-Owner: no One
Host: DistantWorld101
Head GM: XxwolfieXx
GM: Roareye


http://www.facebook.com/pages/DBZ-United-Heroes-2/ 464116666981311

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Locked: GM/MOD applications by Tarundbz


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Aeonz123: (Yesterday, 1:10 pm)
ZIDDY99 wrote:
Shut the fuck up Tarund, you're such a fucking ripper. Taking my source and players? You also claim this is the sequel to United Heroes but honestly it's just a big rip of HU1 codes and my source. Too shit to program yourself? Your so called " game " is also terribly laggy. Trying to say this is YOUR source? Bitch, please. You couldn't program to save your life. Begging me for the source. You also say Lilius gave you the source; however, she's been gone for quite a while. You're such a little bitch.

thats nigga talk

Tarundbz: (Apr 9, 11:30 am)
kk guys game is bak up this is permanent server
Doniu: (Apr 7, 1:33 pm)
- Reem16
- Obblybobbly
to say true.. i dont relly know alot of hosters, i probally know, but dont know they host games :P
the guys name i has post.. idk if they gonna host for u.. but u can ask.. ik that in old times.. they were hosting something.. soo why not host u game ?
Tarundbz: (Apr 7, 1:07 pm)
i am not getting any good hoster
do u knw any
Doniu: (Apr 7, 1:01 pm)
When u game will be hosted?