Dragonball: Inheritance

by Team DBI
Dragonball: Inheritance
Dragonball Inheritance, Where the fun is at. [More]

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Date added: Feb 24 2007
Last updated: Jan 17 2013
Last played: Nov 26 2013
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If you have any suggestions or Ideas.
Please send them to;
Please put "[Inheritance] {Ideas/Suggestions}" in the subject line. Or else it will be filtered as spam.


  • The rules automatically pop up when you enter the game. READ THEM!
  • Cataclysmic Rage is strictly a Staff Council and up technique. Don't ask for it. Ever.

    [X] Additional Scouter Colors
    [X] Added new Zanzoken Movement/Renamed to Afterimage
    [ ] Fix Hidden Requirement for Death Ball
    [ ] New Death Ball Icon
    [ ] New Techniques(Regular+Non Finishers)
    [ ] New NPC's
    [ ] New Quest System
    [ ] Create a PAST to fight the red ribbon army
    [ ] Final Transformation Quests
    [ ] Good/Evil Sagas
    [ ] Fix Aura Bug(?)
    [ ] Fix Clothings for Perm Races
    [ ] Fix Majining to NOT lose Serenity Stance.
    [ ] Demajining(Under thought)
    [ ] Auto Tournament (Under Thought)
    [ ] Hidden Porential
    [ ] Auto PVP Areas

    Soon To Come:
    Galactic Donut (reworking)
    Scouter updates

    Special Thanks To:
    Sydatsu - New code for dragonballs
    Paladin Knight - New avatar and banner

    Extra Special Thanks To:
    Blaze SkyFire - Lead Coder
    Music - For keeping them both sane during all night updates.

    Current Staff:
    Blaze (Owner)
    Kyra Bell (Co-Owner)
    Paladin Knight (Permanent Staff Council)
    Lord Nuke (Staff Council)?

    Old Hub: http://games.byond.com/hub/BlazeSkyFire/DBI


To free space, all inactive player files over one month old will be deleted on a semi-regular basis.

We are not hiring by application, go away and play the game. --Blaze TAPDANCING SkyFire