Spiritus Roleplay

by Tenkichi
Spiritus Roleplay
Spiritus was pre-Era Dynasty. It is a Heavily Enforced Roleplay Sandbox. PVE,PVP, RPG. Similar to games like Xenosphere, Phoenix SE. We strive to produce a comfortable DB Super experience in a Sandbox environment. [More]

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Last updated: Sep 27
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Spiritus Discord: https://discord.gg/RyBnDGq

Spiritus Roleplay has taken a beaten. It has been through tough times and yet it is determined to be ran regardless of past failures . Spiritus is a sandbox Roleplay which sets aside the many differences people have with one another to come to a common ground.

Spiritus is based on Dragonball Z & Super with many other anime's such as JoJo for the Stando's, Mecha Suits, and a vast array of Classes per race with sub-racial classes.

- The Map is 40% Originally Remapped.
- New Icons / Content
- New Sub-Racial Classes
- Fixed Tech Lists
Rest of the Update Log can be found within the game.

There are no major game breaking bugs on here. - Game ran smooth without issues and chaos unlike its brother/sister RIPS. For 2 years without issues toward June 2019.

This is a Project not a company. It is a venture with friends. We are non-profit. We DO NOT sell Perks/Packs/ or anything related to such things. Never have, never will.

Spiritus Credits:
- Spiritus Community foremost for their dedication and constant Suggestions to turn this game into a decent project.
- Spiritus Staff Old & New for their dedication and service to a Project that's still on a roller-coaster.

Source Credits & Versions:
- Archonex & Valkor & Gingseng for SE
- Jaja9090 & Gingseng for Xenosphere
- SilentWiz(Tenkichi) & ClassicWhatev & IdleOcean for Spiritus Roleplay

- And to anyone else through out those years who contributed to the rise of Phoenix Sundered Earth & Xenosphere. Thank you.