Spiritus Roleplay - Arc Of The GhostFiles

by Tenkichi
Spiritus Roleplay - Arc Of The GhostFiles
Spiritus is Back to being UPDATED. Featuring things from our Newest Project The GhostFiles.It is a Heavily Enforced Roleplay Sandbox. PVE,PVP, RPG. We strive to produce a comfortable RPG experience in a Sandbox environment. [More]

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Date added: Sep 19 2019
Last updated: Nov 30 2019
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S.F & G.F Discord: https://discord.gg/rNqHJtV

Spiritus Roleplay has taken a beaten. It has been through tough times and yet it is determined to be ran regardless of past failures . Spiritus is a sandbox Roleplay which sets aside the many differences people have with one another to come to a common ground.

Spiritus is based on Dragonball Z & Super with Yu Yu Hakusho Features and a vast array of Classes per race with sub-racial classes.

- The Map is 50% Originally Remapped.
- New Icons / Content
- Offspring Coding Fixed
- Muts Added with Genetic Assortment
- New Ranks(Public) From Yu Yu Hakusho Added
- New Buffs/Transformations/Forms
- New Sub-Racial Classes
- Fixed Tech Lists
-Power Ranks have been added to status tab
Power Ranks are calculated based on current BP. Another player's Rank can be viewed from the sense tab

(Sensing and Scouters are going to be reworked to incorporate Ranks more thoroughly)

Rest of the Update Log can be found within the game or on our Discord Official.

With little to no bugs on here. And absolutely no Game Breaking Bugs. We do all of our testing on our Mudhaven.net Test Server before introducing new Features to the Main Mudhaven.net Server.

This is a Project not a company. It is a venture with friends. We are non-profit. We DO NOT sell Perks/Packs/ or anything related to such things. Never have, never will.

Spiritus Credits:
- Spiritus Community foremost for their dedication and constant Suggestions to turn this game into a decent project.
- Spiritus Staff Old & New for their dedication and service to a Project that's still on a roller-coaster.

Source Credits:
- SilentWiz(Tenkichi) & ClassicWhatev & IdleOcean for Spiritus Roleplay & GhostFiles