by Texter
Bored? Come play in a puddle! [More]

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Version 241
Date added: Jan 23 2003
Last updated: Feb 15 2005
Last played: Sep 2 2008
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Bored? Come play in a puddle!

Officially set for a rebirth! Production restarted 4/04/07
Fixed some more important message colors.
Added a custom color text area to color system.
Edit: Improved the saving system internally, you won't notice the diffrence in game. Much safer.
Addition: Message and Background colors are now saved so you will not have to set them each time you open the server.
Fix: Fixed the flickering of the background color.
Fix: Fixed bugs in dice mod.
Fix: Fixed the inability to change the background of sheets.
Link rolling added back in EX: a href=?roll_1d10. Target roll feature added in ex: xdxtx.
Potential loss of GM or Host powers when relogging into watcher channel fixed.

Duplication of the Control Panel, Storage chest, and Mute buttons fixed.
Calculator added! I am considering adding a 16 function calculator.
Banned Fix
Annoying Link roll fixed.
Sheet & Narrate Dice Macros removed.
Folder changes

Basic dice rolling in sheets! Dice feature with narrate!
GMs can only view NPCs, Corrupt sheet auto fix(Fixes sheets with a blank name)

Auto-save added!

Many inside fixes and convenience changes. NPCscrolling added. You must click a NPC to make them talk now. Dice Macro fixed and upgraded.

A more organized update, TMP just got easier.

Found a bug? Report it over pager. Better yet.. The Forums.



Texter: (Nov 14 2015, 11:06 am)
I will try. ;)
SilverPrime: (Apr 26 2011, 7:59 pm)
Bring back the damn puddle!
Pladas: (Apr 23 2011, 11:53 am)
Boooo! Bring it back! We miss playing in a puddle!