Dawn of Piracy

by The Blue Magician
Dawn of Piracy
A roleplaying game set in the beginning years of piracy. [More]

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Date added: Oct 21 2020
Last updated: Dec 7 2020
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Embark on an adventure like never before in Dawn of Piracy. Travel around the world discovering new lands, raid towns and villages for treasure or enlist and protect those who can't protect themselves.

  • Turn based combat which compliments the roleplay heavy story telling.
  • Customisable skills and technique that can be used in both land and naval combat.
  • Purchase or craft your very own ship and upgrade the hull, cannons and sails.
  • Construct robotic allies, recruit players or even NPCs to join you on your adventure.
  • Territories with their own economy, rule a territory and govern your own town or city!