Pokemon Battle Force

by The Dark Prince X
Pokemon Battle Force
Version 2.0! Many new additions on the way! Soon to become an original pokemon game! It's unlike these other dragonball/bleach/Naruto games. [More]

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Version 2.0
Date added: Mar 9 2011
Last updated: Jul 27 2011
Last played: Jul 1 2013
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Welcome to Pokémon Battle Force!

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1. Stealing will not be tolerated. If someone trades you their Pokémon so that you can train it for them, in exchange for some sort of payment, please tell a GM/Admin beforehand so that they can moderate this exchange. Otherwise, it will be out of our hands.

2. No AutoTraining/Ezing. Of course, this is one of our most enforced rules. Anyone caught doing this will be punished severely.

3. No advertising of ANY kind. Advertising in this manner includes asking for Iconners/Coders or ANY kind of help for your BYOND game, or other kind of game. It also includes posting links to other games. Though you are allowed to speak of them lightly.

4. Do not ask for benefits. This includes asking for legendaries to be spawned, asking for events such as tournaments and contests and so forth.

5. If you ask a GM/Admin to teleport to you, have GOOD reason. Such as a dispute that needs to be taken care of etc. Do not ask them for stuff like legendaries, this agrees with rule four.

6. Don't kill new player's Pokémon. It's not funny, you'll end up making them leave which is not good for the game. Newbie is considered less than one day old.

Gym Leader / GM Rules
•Keep Announcements to a minimum;

•Refrain from Booting and Jailing without reason;

•Events must be approved by the Owner or Event Master prior to event;

•Try to avoid arguments that will cause abuse;

•Open your gym at least once a day or you will be replaced;

•Don’t be lazy and help players in need;

•Enforce rules at all times.

Prince (The Dark Prince X) – Game Owner/Coder
Jacke (Jacke_Chan) Game Owner/Hoster

Sevi Akyami (Severike) - Administrator

Peldag (Peldag) - Administrator

Lawtzie Fatare (Motics) – Moderator

Joker (Jokerxxace) – GM