Bleach Rise Of Chaos

by The elite swordsmen
Bleach Rise Of Chaos
A Bleach game I am hoping to work on and for all Byond members to enjoy! :D [More]

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Date added: Nov 19 2008
Last updated: Aug 4 2009
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A Bleach game that is under construction. I have played many Roleplaying games that rock hardcore, and they just make gameplay fun. So RPing games inspired me to make a Bleach RP game with killer icons, good rules, and good admins. Zanpaktou's will be from Bleach and made up, and they are also handed out randomly to make things even more fun. The storyline is when the Soul Society just begins and the Shinigamis form in groups to fight the hollows, but the rest you will have to play and find out! Enjoy and I hope everyone has fun.