Naruto Aftermath

by Thelavaking
A naruto RP game [More]

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Date added: May 13 2009
Last updated: May 1 2012
Last played: May 21 2012
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Main Owners: Sgrios Zetsumei (Thelavaking)

Owners: Rodukou (Onaga), Kinsuke Makada (Senzaro)



Kazekage: Skye Sanctus
Otokage: Akagame Kurosai
Yukikage: Kinsuke Makada
Hokage: (Open)

[pic has yet to be chosen]
Blood Org.

Blood Org. Leader: Sgrios Zetsumei
Blood Org. Right Hand Person: (open)
Blood Org. Left Hand Person: (open)
Blood Org. Member: (open)
Blood Org. Member: (open)
Blood Org. Member: (open)
Blood Org. Member: (open)

.... Pictures, Images and Photos

Madara: (open)
Pein: (open)
Konan: (open)
Tobi: (open)
Zetsu: (open)
Kakuzu: (open)
Hidan: (open)
Itachi: (open)
Kisame: (open)
Orochimaru: (open)

Team Hebi Pictures, Images and Photos

Sasuke: (Open, MUST BE UCHIHA)
Suigetsu Hozuki: (Open)
Karin: (Open)
Jugo: (Open)

Seven Swordsmen Of The Mist Render Pictures, Images and Photos

Leader #1: (open)
Co-Leader #2: (open)
Member #3: (open)
Member #4: (open)
Member #5: (open)
Member #6: (open)
Member #7: (open)

Sound Five Pictures, Images and Photos
Sound 5

Kaguya: (open)
Member #2: (open)
Member #3: (open)
Member #4: (open)
Member #5: (open)

bayonetta demons Pictures, Images and Photos

Leader: Onaga Reinhalt/SC3PTR3
Co-Owner: (Open)
Member: (open)

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SC3PTR3: (May 14 2009, 7:00 pm)
Probly the best Jinketsu srce game I ever played. Better than my own (ATM) lol