Age of Pirates

by Theultimategamez
Pirate game set in a world of sea and islands. [More]

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Date added: Jun 8 2012
Last updated: Jul 16 2016
Last played: Jun 29
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Host Files Here Files uploaded July 16th 2016.

Age of Pirates is an anime inspired sandbox game. Become an infamous pirate or a legendary marine officer with the skills you'll develop as you progress. Form your own crew or fleet today!


XardattoMen: (May 26, 10:49 am)
Wiping server. Rates x5 and 25k max exp. In 10min :)
XardattoMen: (May 3, 7:52 am)
Hey everyone, going to try to host AoP tomorrow. Well, my upload is max 100Kb/s and I'll be only testing. If it will be playable, it may stay :)
Nelson745: (Jan 26, 1:37 pm)
Try and BS it all you want we both know what actually happened
ZumbizaoII: (Jan 26, 10:03 am)
Nop, u got banner for not doing fair play and i undid it after that cause i Just wanted tô kick u out that time. About the fair play, u killed me i didnt use my alt tô kill my self to stop the loot but u used ur alt tô kill ur main. If it was a friend of urs that would be ok, but nop it was ur alt.

PS i dont like u, i am not hosting this game for u to play. If u want to stop i dont give a shit.
Nelson745: (Jan 24, 3:40 pm)
GG, just got host banned for refusing to fight the host