FF: Truth or Consequences

by Tony WK
Final Fantasy: Truth or Consequences. Awake and find yourself in the half-rebuild world of ruin, as you take the roll of a unique hero of the rebels or the empire. [More]

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Date added: May 25 2004
Last updated: May 26 2004
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Final Fantasy: Truth or Consequences

A game of rising heroes, destinys being born and rebels uniting. The empire is back and its more determined than ever to recreate the espers. An unknown fiend of destruction whom gracefully took the throne of Kefta now sits atop the largest mountain amonst the world. Some rumor that the new leader is an esper himself..

Upon entering, you'll completely design a character unique to you and yourself. This isn't a game where you take the roll of Locke, Edgar, or various other famous final fantasy characters. Infact, they are NPCs that play extreme roles in the game. You'll take the role of a rebellion, or a proud member of the Empire.

The game uses the classic FF3 battle system you've seen in the past. You'll face a varaity of pass monsters you've seen in the past, plenty of new foes, and a new cast of characters will be revealed. Items as well, as we'll try our best to maintain the former glory FF3 had, but with each player playing individual roles.

Sorry this game is in closed beta, and I apologize for the displeasure that logging on only to find you can't play. But I have to strictly test features with people I trust, and only by that. If you're seriously serious serious about testing, then post on the forums. If not, then just be patient.

- MAY 26TH, 2004