Shinobi Legacy

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Shinobi Legacy
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Some Stupid moves that dont make sense will be removed(wasnt really thinking when i added most of the moves that are on the game)
im also seeing that im going to have to do about 60% of the updates by myself when i was hoping to do about 40-50% But hey, even if there isnt a competition NUS is coming back and its ready to kick some ASS!

About 6 years before the whole Senju and Uchiha dispute began, Uchiha were taking over, wiping out clan by clan, one after another, They soon came to a clan that had learned the control the power of Darkness(They called it Shadow Element) This clan was known as Tyrooga(Tie-Rogue-ah). Uchiha wanted this power, and wanted to take over all of the nations. But the Elder Tokashi Tyrooga felt that this was not a wise decision as the Uchiha had wiped out plenty of clan without mercy. He knew that if he refused Madara's offer he and his clan would be murdered so he did what he had to do, used his Abilities of the shadows to seal away his clans secret in the shadows, knowing one day his clan would be revived he was murdered without a fight. Now 4 years after the nine tails incident at Konoha the seal has been broken...

====Shinobi Legacy Manga====
Episode two: Konoha's demise!
Madara: So we're all here... and are you ready to do this..?
Leaf,Sand,Mist,Rain,Grass Spies: Yes, Lord Madara.
*Madara activates Mangekyou*
-Madara's sharingan pupils form a black star as a circle with a star and Nine sacrificed bodies appear-
Madara: Let's begin...
*All ninjas concentrade as each of the 9 sacrificed bodies turns into crimson red chakra beings*
Leaf Spy: *a Nervous look towards Lord Madara*
Madara: Is something bothering you ? You've been acting nervous ever since last year, should i be worried? -Glares-
Leaf Spy: N-n-no, Lord Mada- AHHH!! -Unleashes a barrage of kunais, shurikens, exploding notes at madara as he summons shadow clones and attacks-
Sand spy: SABAKU KYUU! *All clones are caught in the sand as all the weapons and explosions are deflected somehow by Madara*
Madara: I should've known... -walks up to him-
Madara: Tsk.. Oh well..-The leaf shinobi's body suddenly fades into blackness-
Madara: Shall we continue?
Sand,Mist,Rain,Grass Spies: Yes, Lord Madara!
*Suddenly a orb appears out of the middle of the ground of the star* -It cracks open as what it seems, 9 tails appear to be cracking it open-
Madara: ...
*The Kyuubi has cracked open the orb* -It looks at madara as if it's never seen a human before-
Madara: Finally... it's here!
Spies: ...This is what we spent our lives waiting for?! Just a stupid lil Baby fox!! I could've died doing this stupid stuff!
Madara: Dont judge looks..
-The Kyuubi flicks one tail at the Sand spy-
Sand spy: *coughs up blood and suddenly falls to the ground*
Other Spies: MADARA! What the hell just happened?!
Madara: He died, the kyuubi blew up his heart from just flicking its tail. Funny thing is.. Its "just a baby".
-Kyuubi flicks its tail at the remaing spies-
*All remaing spies have a crimson aura and suddenly clunch their chest as they fall to the ground*
Madara: Konoha... IM COMING FOR YOU!
Yondaime: I, Yondaime, accept my spot as the 4th Hokage and i shall protect this village with my life! I will carry on the good doings of all that are before me.. I repeat again, I, Yondaime, Will protect you all!
*Uproar from a gigantic crowd*
*5 weeks later*
Madara: Are you ready...?
Kyuubi: Yes Madara...I live to serve you and only you, you gave me life and i shall take lives for you.
Madara: Good... lets go shall we?
*Madara hops on Kyuubi*
-Rides at high speeds across the land leaving destroyed villages and forests behind them-
Leaf Shinobi: Lord Hokage, There has been reports of a 9 tailed fox wrecking havoc across the lands and its headed directly to Our village sir, What ever shall we do?
4th Hokage: Please..Call me Yondaime, and Prepare our forces. I'm not sure what this so called fox is. But it seems that its incredibly dangerous since i can sense its evil chakra already..and i sense an unknown force..
Madara: This is where we depart... Do good, my Servant.
Kyuubi: I shall not fail you master.
-Kyuubi continues heading to konoha full speed unleashing chakra waves and blasts across the lands-
Madara: I have things to do with a special uchiha... hmph.
*Activates Eternal Mangekyou*
A force of 3500 shinobi await at the Konoha Gates awaiting the Kyuubi while Yondaime is the commander.
Previous Hokage, Sarutobi: Are you sure you're ready for this Yondaime...? it seems just like yesterday you were a little genin now you're heading out to battle a unknown force with great forces.. I dont want anything bad to happen to you little flash..
Yondaime: Haha, its okay Sarutobi, Ill be okay i promise you that.
Sarutobi: As you say.. I honestly think im getting a little to old for this worrying.
*Sarutobi leaves*
Yondaime: -Sighs-...
Medical Shinobi: Sir, Yondaime, your baby has been born!
Yondaime: Al-already?!
The Kyuubi is here...
Kyuubi: You shall pay for the damage you've done to lord Madara!
*Unleashes a vicious wave of crimson chakra among the first row of Leaf shinobi approaching the Kyuubi for a savage attack*
-All fall down, dead..-
Kushina: He's beautiful, Isn't he Yondaime?
Yondaime: Yeah..He takes after both of us.
Kushina: -faint laugh- I could never get over that hair though.. -coughs-
Medical Shinobi: I'm sorry sir but.. -takes Yondaime to the side- She doesn't have long to live..
Yondaime: What do you mean...?
Medical Shinobi: Well, There's an unknown problem we are experiencing with her.. All her chakra points are slowly shutting down. Soon the main point of her Chakra system will shut down.. i suggest you say your goodbyes..
Yondaime: *Punches the wall beside him* -The whole side of the wall falls out of the side of the building-
Kushina: It's okay Yondaime.. I dont mind dying now..
Yondaime: What are you saying..?
Kushina: I've had a good life Yondaime. Its time for me to rest. Im all played out.
Yondaime: But--
Kushina: Just promise me.. You and Jiraiya will take care of him. -Faint smile- *suddenly the bed seems to have sank, Kushina has died*
Yondaime: Dont worry.. I'll take care of little Naruto..
Medical Shinobi: Im sorry si-
*Yondaime vanishes*
Kyuubi: HAHAHAHA, is this the threat that made madara so mad? You guys are so tiny!
Yondaime: -A tear in his eye- Prepare to die.. -Performs a semi-different but same reaper death seal-
*Yondaime's hands are burning crimson red*
Left over soldies: Look at Lord Hokage.. whats happening? He's fading away..
Yondaime: Let me see my son...
Medical Shinobi: Ye-Yes lord hokage..
*Yondaime puts incredible force with his crimson hand onto Naruto's Belly*
Yondaime: You'll be a terrific shinobi...
*Sarutobi rushes through the door*
Yondaime: Heh...Got a little careless i guess Sarutobi.. well promise me you'll look after Naruto as he's your own, but no special treatment.. and dont let him know who his parents are, It'll be better for him to find out during his adulthood.
Sarutobi: Alright Yondaime.. Goodbye..
*Naruto wails violently as a seal appears on his stomach*
Yondaime: This is it... Goodbye all.

====Shinobi Legacy MANGA====
Episode 3: What's left of the Uchiha
Chapter Preview:
After the 4th Hokage dying, 8 years later. Madara Meets Itachi...

====STAFF HELP====
I need, 1 coder(very Experienced, doesn't mean pro, just able to code)
a very good mapper(again not a pro mapper but not a sloppy one)
if you can help
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