Castlemania Warlords

by Troy1121
Castlemania Warlords
A war has begin between clans. It has been over a year... A new Warrior has reborn. What side will you take in this war? Will it be a big difference? You will have to find out. [More]

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Version 1.5
Date added: Sep 23 2008
Last updated: Jan 31 2009
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Castlemania Warlords

A phenomenal game with unique qualities like no other. I will not lie and say it is the best, but a very remarkable game coming to byond.

Quest Mode-
Quest Mode is an Multi-Player enviroment where you can complete a number of sagas to become the best! You can be a loner and fight by yourself or fight in a team of friends and share the wonderful experience.

The Current classes are Knight ,Archer , Mage , Cleric , and Rogue. Knights are a powerful force in this war. When you choose to become a knight you get 2 extra points in weaponry. They prevail in offensive and defensive skills. Archers are masters of archery. They are known for their ranged-combat. They are very accurate and receive an extra point in weopnry. Mages are magicians, wizards, or sorcerers. They are sacred people. They receive a downage in combat points but axcel in ranged combat. Clerics are healers and priest. They have the skills to heal and return characters to health. Rouges are melee damagers. They are very needed in battle. They are specialized in combat and war.

Outdated, going under maintenance. Again thank you for your support and interest in CW!

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