Naruto: Hurricane Chronicles 2

by TrunksChampion
Naruto: Hurricane Chronicles 2
Join Naruto: Hurricane Chronicles 2! And experience a game with lots of features, we got more than any other game on byond. Join us! KAGE TOURNEY THE 27TH FEBUARY! [More]

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Version 1
Date added: Apr 1 2008
Last updated: Jan 20 2011
Last played: Oct 26 2010
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Kage Tourney 27th Febuary
To participate you gotta have 50k ALL STATS and 2 mil chakra and hp, this day will GM's also be chosen.

I will be glad to se alot of participants!


Game Owner: DJ Pein(TrunksChampion)

Other Admin-ranks:

Co-Owner: Doreid(Dorag7585)

Player Rules:

1 - No Bunshins spam! (Boot or Ban)
2 - No disrespecting GM's or other players (Mute then Boot)
3 - No AFK Training or Meditating (Boot then ban)
4 - Do not relog to mute avoid (Boot then Ban)
5 - Do not ask for ranks (Mute then boot)
6 - Do not ask for GM (Boot then ban)

GM Rules:

1 - Do not disrespect the players
2 - Do not multi-clan (Admin remove)
3 - Do not disrescept the higher-ups (Depends on who you disrescept)
4 - Do not Teleport-kill (Admin remove)


Hoshikage (Star):Doreid
Hokage (Leaf):
Mizukage (Mist):[DS] Devilian
Tsuchikage (Rock):
Fumakage (Grass):
Amekage (Rain):
Kazekage (Sand):
Otokage (Sound):Hynos
Raikage (Cloud):
Sorukage (Snow):
Enukage (Waterfall):
Organization Leaders:

Akatsuki Leader:Kid Shellz
Akatsuki co-leader:

Sound Organization Leader:

Hebi Leader:

Seven Swordsmen Leader: Russ

Kage Rules:

1 - Do not abuse your verbs
2 - Do not disrespect your Villagers


Try this game! Naruto Shinobi Revolution

Watch our YouTube Video here!

I would like to thank:
Doreid(Dorag7585) - Many icons for the game [Current Position: Admin]
Mat(Matmath) - Most of the ideas, to nearly everything.