Bleach Reign of Chaos

by Ttot
Bleach Reign of Chaos
It's back for good this time. Come in and enjoy. Wiped June 22nd. [More]

Currently Unavailable

Version 2
Date added: Jan 6 2008
Last updated: Jun 22 2009
Last played: Jun 27 2009
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Waiting List

Only Windows users can play this game. If you have an emulator, you can join the waiting list to be informed when a new server is ready to play.

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-5 New Arrancar Masks(0%)
-New Game Skin(0%)
-Auto Ranking System(0%)
-Adding Shikai/Bankai drain and Vaizard Mask Time to the Stats tab.(100%)
-Faster Leveling(100%)



Owner: Ttot(Ttot)
Owner: Aqua(Kid Edd333)


If you wish to become a GM, go on the Forums then from there go to Applications and fill out our format given.

Master GM

- Chris


- Kisame

Trial Enforcer

- Mizu
- Danny



1- No Spamming
2- No Advertising
3- No Racism
4- No asking for GM/Enforcer
5- No Bug Abusing
6- No Caps in OOC
7- Don't constantly annoy Staff
8- Don't complain if you are jailed, muted, banned etc.
- Have Fun!

-Staff Rules-

1- Respect other Staff members
2- Don't get carried away with your verbs
3- Don't abuse your verbs
4- Don't boot/ban players because you don't like them or your in a bad mood
5- Treat players the way you wish to be treated
6- Dont abuse announce
7- Obey those higher rank than you



-Leaders such as captains and all, are posted on the forums with the requirments and the current holder of that postion, to take that position from that person, you must reach the requirements and be a higher level than them.


-Ranking Bonus-

-For ranking this game in your favorites in the top 3, you will receive a reward, to receive it you must give us a link in game to either Aqua, or Ttot as proof you ranked the game.

-No information on how high the boost is yet.


Last Pwipe : June 22, 2009