Bleach The Legendary End

by Twaon
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Bleach The Legendary End
A bleach game. [More]

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    1.Do Not Ask For GM In game,Go On Forums And Add Application Please.
  • 2.Do Not spam In OOC, Or Any Type Of Chat Or You Will Be Banned
  • 3.Do Not Ask For Edit.
  • 4.Please No Disrespecting One Another.
  • 5.Do Not Be Racist Of Discriminate People In Any Way There Will Be Serious Punishments If You Do So.
  • 6.Do Not Kill In Safe Zone(Especially Infront Of Hospital Entrance).
  • 7.No Advertising Other Games You Will Be Booted If You Do So.
  • 8.Players If You See Any GM's Abusing Their Powers or If They Have GM Trained Please Let The Main Owners Know.
  • 9.If A Player With A Race Rank Isnt On After 5 Days Will Lose There Rank.

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Update 2.0

Yachiru Shikai Added.(New)
Matsumoto Shikai Added.(New)
Hisagi Shikai Added.(New)
Rose Shikai Added.(New)
Rose Bankai Added.(New)
Rose Vaizard Mask Added.(New)
Binding Kido Forumla change.(Balancer)
Bakudo #61 Rikuhoukourou now locks movement for 3 seconds and slows 7 seconds afterwards.(Boost)
Bakudo #4 Hainawa now temporarily locks the ability to flash step.(Boost)
Bakudo #9 locks an enemy in place for 1 second and takes away their ability to flash step for 3 seconds.(Boost)
Bakudo #9 Geki locks enemy in place for 2 seconds and stops flash step for 5 seconds.(Boost)
Bakudo #63 Sajo Sabaku now locks an enemy in place for 4 seconds.(Boost)
Bakudo #79 Kuyo Shibari now locks an enemy in place for 6 seconds.(Boost)
Ryuto Energy Stampede no longer spammable.(Balanced)
Ryuto Twin Cannon Burst damage change.(Boost)
Ryuto Cannon Blast damage change.(Boost)
Ryuto Energy Clone damage change.(Boost)
Limit Power Added. Allows one to cut their power to a certian %(New)
Shinigami Stealth Force Added.(New)
Hakuda Oni Dekopin Added.(New)
Hakuda Tessho Added.(New)
Hakuda Tsukiyubi Added.(New)
Hakuda Ikkotsu Added.(New)
Hakuda Sokotsu Added.(New)
Hakuda Raioken Added.(New)
Speed Clones for Stealth Force Added.(New)
Stealth Force do not get a zanpaktou.(Info)
You can now ignore and unignore players.(New)
Quincy Sprenger damage change.(Boost)
You can now save up to 3 characters!(New)
Kageoni damage change.(Boost)
Takaoni damage change.(Boost)
Irooni damage change.(Boost)
Zaraki skill Thrill added, boost attack the more damage they take.(Boost)
Zaraki attacks become more powerful when eyepatch released.(Boost)
Zaraki chance to enjoy the fight longer instead of going down has been increased from 50% to 80%.(Boost)
Byakuya Gokei change.(Balancer)
Removed Guild War Zone point loss before Rank 3.(Balancer)
Instance 002 Mobs changes.(Nerfed)
Rusty Menos Coin change.(Boost)
Regular Menos Coin Change.(Boost)
Shiny Menos Coin added and drops from Corrupted Menos.(New)
Capture The Flag event added.(New)
Guild Deposit/Withdraw fixed.(Fixed)
Quincy arrow damage change.(Boost)
Destruction Spell #91: Senju Koten Taiho damage change.(Boost)
Corrupted Menos have a new skill that has a chance to slow enemies.(Boost)
Corrupted Menos heal for 1,000,000 rather than 100,000.(Boost)
Yamamoto can no longer intsantly re-enter bankai, they now must wait 120 seconds after it ends.(Balancer)
Inoue heals become twice as strong once inside of an instance.(Boost)
Nell Lanzador Verde cooldown increased to 2 seconds from 0.5 seconds.(Nerf)
Rukia Hakuren damage change.(Boost)
Rukia shikai skill Some no mai, Tsukishiro added.(New)
Rukia shikai skill Juhaku added.(New)
Rukia shikai skill Absolute Zero added.(New)
Byakuya shikai move Gokei damage change.(Nerf)
Instance mobs now respawn.(New)
Tough Menos respawn in 30 minutes.(New)
Corrupted Menos respawn in 1 hour.(New)
Legedary Menos respawn in 5 hours.(New)
Genetically Altered Hollow respawn in 30 minutes.(New)
If you stand on opponent platform during CTF event, your health will drop to 0 instantly.(Balancer)
Some mobs removed from Instance 002.(Balancer)
Sanrei glove can now be removed at 80k from 40k.(Boost)
Level cap raised by 100k from 150k base to 250k base.(New)

Update 1.9

001 - Menos Instance Added.(New)
Legendary Menos Coin Added.(New)
Mutiple new ways to raise your level cap and earn Guild Points. Have fun finding out the ways.(New)
Reiatsu cost change for multiple moves.(Balancer)
Guild Points for killing someone in Guild Wars Change.(Buff)
Fixed some of Exetin skills that weren't working after first usage.(Fixed)
Gin's bankai attack now shoots out faster.(Boost)
SIDE NOTE: Look foward to seeing brand new shikai/release this wipe as well as many balance changes.
Fixed Gin's bankai attack, it now does its effect properly.(Fixed)
Added Regular Menos Coin which has a chance to drop from Tough or Corrupted Menos in Menos Instance.(New)
Fixed bug were Menos in instance were pulling entire group instead of closest person.(Fixed)
Added Genetics Lab Instace for level 10,000 to 40,000.(New)
Rusty Menos Coin drops from new instance mobs.(New)
Fixed bug were final getsuga tenshou wouldn't work after dying.(Fixed)
Lowered pull chances of all instance menos by 5%.(Nerf)
Added new rooms to Menos Instance.(New)
Menos Instance 001 is moved to instance 002.(Change)
Removed damage limiter on Quincy Energy Rain.(Boost)
Energy Rain damage change.(Boost)
Squad EXP can now be gained by killing instance mobs.(New)
Squad Maximum Experience base and increase rate has increased.(Balancer)
You now get money from killing instance mobs.(New)
Squad Boost shows how much you're being boosted by in Stats tab.(New)
You now lose Squad Boost if you turn Vaizard.(New)
Squad Stat Reiatsu Power Added.(New)
You now gain more Reiatsu Power overall than Attack, since this stat cannot be boosted by skills.(Balancer)
Zaraki's Eye Patch max boost lowered from 500% to 400%.(Nerf)
Zaraki's Kendo damage change.(Nerf)
Fixed bug where Genetically Altered Hollows were teleporting into hospital.(Fixed)
Lowered amount of Experience Menos Instance mobs give.(Balancer)
You now will be automatically kicked out of an instance when you logoff.(New)
You will be automatically kicked out of an instance if you leave or are booted from a team.(New)
Ichimaru Gin Poison Kill technique damage change.(Boost)
Squad Stat boost BOOST change.(Boost)
Chance to get Regular Menos Coin increased.(Boost)
Chance to get Rusty Menos Coin increased.(Boost)
Instance mobs now have Health Bars.(New)
You now get Squad verbs once turning shinigami.(Fixed)
Inoue Set Heal Target skill Added.(New)
Inoue Iyashi Heiwa skill Added.(new)
Inoue Hiringu Seigi skill Added.(New)
Inoue Hiringu Fukushu Added.(New)
Inoue Iyashino Kokoro Added.(New)
Inoue Hiringu Tamashi.(New)
Inoue can now click on the target they wish to focus healing.(New)

Update 1.8

Binding Kido spells have shorter freeze time.
Soi Fon shikai attack now has a 1.5 second cooldown up from 0.(Nerfed)
Soi Fon Shunko attack cooldown time increased to 2 from 1.(Nerf)
Soi Fon shikai now has a chance to fail on instant kill depending on your reiatsu.(Nerf)
Shinji Invert World changed.(Rework)
Shinji Inverted Solitude damage change.(Boost)
Shinji Inverted Solitude cooldown moved from 10 seconds to 7.(Boost)
Shinji chance fooling you upon death with inverted world now up to 40%.(Boost)
Shinji now regains back 40% instead of 25% health.(Boost)
Shinji invert no longer effects the attack verb.(Nerf)
Byakuya petal damage change.(Nerf)
Mimiru water droplets damage change.(Nerf)
Damage overall change.(Balancer)
Reiatsu cost overall change.(Balancer)
You only gain stats per level up.(Balancer)
Defense stat now more effective.(Balancer)
Mini Game scoreboard add.(New)
Guild War Zone Added.(New)
Guild Scoreboard Added.(New)
Suredo technique density bug fixed.(Fixed)
All scoreboards moved to Scoreboard tab.(New)
Guild Zone Points Added.(New)
Shinji Inverted World Duration Changed from 30 to 15 seconds.(Nerf)
Shinji Inverted Solitude cooldown moved from 7 to 5 seconds.(Nerf)
Yama basic attack damage in shikai/bankai change.(Nerf)
Yama Sonido step damage change.(Nerf)
Wind Bounto attack now kills.(Fixed)
Ichigo Mugetsu damage change.(Balancer)
Ichigo Final Getsuga Tenshou Boost now has a limit.(Balancer)
Yamammato Bankai Added.(New)
Power Source Event Added.(New)
Upgraded Squad Scoreboard.(Upgrade)
Mini Game Characters can now be unlocked through AI.(New)
Aeliester Four Point damage change.(Boost)
Aeliester Four Point cooldown change from 13 to 4.(Boost)
Aeliester Illusive damage change.(Boost)
Recluese Kontororu O Gokei Shimasu now gives skills extra damage.(Boost)
Recluese Muko Ni Narimasu cooldown moved from 12 seconds to 5 seconds.(Boost)
Recluese Ruko cooldown moved from 15 to 7 seconds.(Boost)
Starkk Cero Metralla bug fixed.(Fixed)
Starkk Cero Metralla now consumes reiatsu per shot.(Nerf)
Starkk Cero Metralla now shoots at a 0.5 instead of 0.2 rate.(Nerf)
Byakuya petals damage change from 10% reiatsu to 30% reiatsu.(Boost)
Mimiru water droplets damage change from 20% reiatsu to 60% reiatsu.(Boost)
Binding Spells now takes consideration of more factors to decide if the binding is successful or not.(Balancer)
Black Coffin range reduced from 8 to 4.(Nerf)
Black Coffin damage nerfed but now ignores defence.(Balancer)
Black Coffin cooldown increased from 24 seconds to 40 seconds.(Nerf)
Senju Koten Taiho chant time increased from 3 seconds to 5 seconds.(Nerf)
Senju Koten Taiho range decreased from 6 to 5.(Nerf)
Shinji's Inverted World Solitude no longer deals negative damage.(Fixed)
{NPC}Uliquiorra Cifer stats boosted.(Boost)
{NPC}Uliquiorra Cifer now grants 2 million instead of 1 million money.(Boost)
{NPC}Uliquiorra Cifer respawn time increased from 25 minutes to 30 minutes.(Nerf)
{NPC}Uliquiorra Cifer EXP increased from 15,000 to 20,000.(Boost)
Exit to the Guild War's added at each corner of the war zone.(New)
Yammamoto can only have 6 Zanka South mobs out at once.(Balancer)
Guild Fatigue is no longer unlimited when unlocked but instead grants x2 whatever the world fatigue is.(Balancer)
Meditation added and there will now be greater consequences to AFK training.(NOTE: You will be able to meditate while leaving AFK on though the exp gaining is slower than normal training. Also, you will not be booted if AFK.)(New)
Automatic AFK Checks re-added.(Change)
Max EXP now resets to 100 every time you reach above 10,000 Max EXP.(Change)
Meditate received a slight buff.(Boost)
Fixed bug where you can no longer train while AFK.(Fixed)
Fixed Guild War Zone teleportation pad bug.(Fixed)
Access Forums in-game button added.(New)
For experimentation reasons a cap level has been set at 150,000.(Change)
Now must be level 75,000 to enter the guild war zone.(New)
Souls can no longer be killed, only devoured or soul burialed for a small amount of money.(Nerf)
Due to the lack of variation of shikai's, Yammamoto, Aizen, and Kenpachi will all be re-made to captain exclusive only.(Change)
Energy Rain level requirement moved to 10,000 from 1000.(Change)
Quincy technique Scatter Shot Added.(New)
You may now leave from any Guild you join ONCE after that you can no longer leave any Guilds.(New)
Quincy True Sanrei Glove now gained at levle 10,000.(Change)
Quincy True Sanrei Glove now can has to be removed at level 40,000.(Change)
Quincy Technique Precise Shot Added.(New)
Quincy Technique Precise Shot Barrage Added.(New)
Quincy Technique Energy Rain damage change.(Nerf)
Quincy Energy Rain cap damage down from 60% to 40% of targets maximum health.(Nerf)
Quincy Technique Scatter Shot damage change.(Nerf)
Quincy Technique Haizen damage change.(Nerf)
Quincy basic arrow attack damage change.(Nerf)
Takahashi Technique Taka Murder reiatsu cost down from 25% to 15% of their max reiatsu.(Boost)
Takahashi Technique Taka Storm reiatsu cost down from 35% to 20% of their max reiatsu.(Boost)
Takahashi Technique Taka Murder cooldown reduced to 10 seconds from 20 seconds.(Boost)
Takahashi Technique Taka Storm cooldown reduced to 15 seconds from 30 seconds.(Boost)
Recluese Technique Keisei Sa Reru Second Form now does AOE damage if it hits a target or is about to dispere.(Boost)
Recluese Keisei Sa Reru First Form now does not heal over your maximum health.(Fixed)
Nnorita Regeneration Technique removed.(Removed)
Nnorita new Technique Advanced Guard now grants bonus defence over time.(New)
Nnorita no longer has a chance of regenerating health upon death.(Removed)
Nnorita now gains defence per attack that hits him with a cap of 500% defence.(New)
Nnorita basic atack in shikai damage change.(Boost/Nerf)
Nnorita Technique Toss Scythe added.(New)
HP now gives x8 the amount from dummy training.(Balancer)
Bug were you could become a hollow and quincy fixed.(Fixed)
Renji re-added and bugs fixed.(Fixed)
Renji's Higa Zekkou now only damages targets once for all those in range of the trail.(Balancer)
Meditate now goes faster.(Boost)
Meditate no longer shows exp gaining if you have See no levels ups on.(New)
Sanji Area Crush cooldown increased to 20 seconds from 10 seconds.(Nerf)
Area Crush spam bug removed.(Fixed)
Byakuya petals damage change.(Nerf)
Mimiru water droplets damage change.(Nerf)
Sanji basic attack in bankai now does area damage to targets within 3 spaces infront of him.(New)
Quincy arrow damage change.(Boost)
Grimmjow now briefly vanishes during his sonido.(New)
Fixed bug where Desgarron kept one attack direction.(Fixed)
Fixed bug where Shunsui was taking more damage then intended.(Fixed)
Grimmjow Darts cooldown reduced to 3 seconds from 5 seconds.(Boost)
Grimmjow Desgarron cooldown reduced to 8 seconds from 10 seconds.(Boost)
Shikai's that have no bankai now receive a 150% overall boost up from 100% like normal shikai with bankai.(Boost)
Shunsui shikai moves damage change.(Boost)
Higa Zekkou moved to Bankai Skills tab for Renji.(Change)
Ichinose invisibility icon bug fixed.(Fixed)
Ichinose invisibility cooldown moved to 30 seconds from 1 minute.(Balancer)
Taka shikai moves damage change.(Boost)
Fixed bug where Ulquiorra, Erendira, and Szayel stats were lowering when entering release form.(Fixed)
Fixed bug where espada were not maintaing espada bonuses.(Fixed)
Changed boost for Arrancar Release it now adds on 40% attack and 40% defence.(Balancer)
New Espada only skills added.(New)
Fixed bug where you wouldn't return your base after being slain in power source event.(Fixed)
Reduced amount of EXP having to be worked off for getting AFK kicked.(Nerf)
Devour now instantly kills any Human.(Boost)
Aizen technique Absolute Reiatsu added.(New)
HP bar added.(New)
Removed Menos from meno forest, menos now spawn in menos forest while something is walking through and disappears within 30 seconds.(New)
Grimmjow technique Grind added.(New)
Fixed bug where players would get stuck if someone logged out during shunpo battle.(Fixed)
Renji technique Bankai View added, lets you see from your bankai point of view.(New)
Fixed bug where Shunsui Irooni didn't work on Arrancar Suits.(Fixed)
New button Check Updates added.(New)
Fixed bug where Renji's bankai wouldn't go back out after retracking and you enter bankai mode.(Fixed)
Fixed bug where sometimes Renji bankai was not retracting.(Fixed)
Added a few Guild Wars Reward.(New)
Added a Guild reward NPC named ?????.(NOTE: More rewards will be added.)(New)
Boosted amount of Guild Points you get per kills.(Boost)

Update 1.7

Vaizard mask overall boost change.(Balancer)
Training Max Exp now goes up per level.(Balancer)
Exp gained per dummy hit change.(Boost)
Nnorita death regenration chances changed to 16% while in release and 25% chance while in ressurrection.(Nerf)
Nnorita regenaration skill changed from 50% regenration in release to 20% in release and 150% to 50% while in ressurrection.(Nerf)
Nnorita regenaration skill now has a 1 minute cooldown.(Nerf)
Nnorita Instantaneous Limb Generation boost change.(Nerf)
Nnorita defence boost in release form change.(Nerf)
Exetin Shikai basic attack damage change.(Nerf)
Exetin Bankai basic attack damage change.(Nerf)
Mayuri bankai poison no longer spammable.(Fixed)
Mayuri poison cloud while transforming into bankai range change from 5 tile to 4 tile.(Nerf)
Soi Fon bankai damage change.(Balancer)
Taka's skill Taka Eyes fixed, you now exit the form after a certain amount of time.(Fixed)
Exetin's Reparusumisutikku damage change.(Nerf)
Binding Spell #79: Kuyo Shibari cooldown moved from 10 seconds to 30 seconds.(Nerf)
Binding Spell #63: Sajo Sabaku cooldown moved from 14 seconds to 22 seconds.(Nerf)
Flash Step Battle damage now fixed.(Fixed)
Byakyua bug race change fixed.(Fixed)
Zaraki eyepatch now only shakes the screens of those within view.(Change)
Zaraki's eyepatch may now be removed at any given moment.(Change)
Zaraki eyepatch boost change.(Nerf)
Quincy glove boost change.(Nerf)
Overall Boost change for shikai and bankai.(Balancer)
Overall Boost change for release and ressurrection.(Balancer)
Overall Boost change for Bounto, and Sado.(Balancer)
Reiatsu Power instead of Reiatsu now determines reiatsu technique damage.(Balancer)
Defence now is the damage reduction for around 90% of all skillss.(Balancer)
Overall damage change and the way it works.(Balancer)
Final Getsuga Tenshou boost change.(Nerf)
Final Getsuga Tenshou level requirment now 800.
Login song change.(Login Music)
EXP Tokens added as prizes for things.(Awards)
Spar verb boost from winning change.(Nerf)
War winning boost changed.(Nerf)
The amount of stats gained per dummy hit changed.(Balancer)
Zaraki passive Undying Strength boost changed.(Balancer)
Boost no longer given when you choose a race.(Nerf)
Squad boost per point changed.(Nerf)
Level requirment for skills changed.(Balancer)
Full reiatsu no longer restored when exiting a power up form.(Balancer)
Zaraki Eyepatch no longer gives a defence boost.(Nerf)
Health Transmitter removed.(Removed)
Defence Dummy now gives extra Health and Defence.(Balancer)
War indicators to tell apart Ally and Enemy added.(New Feature)
Eternal Snow cooldown change.(Nerf)
4th squad Keikatsu cooldown change.(Nerf)
Ulquiorra Spawn time increased.(Balancer)
Reiatsu requirment for all techniques changed.(Balancer)
NPC stat/exp give change.(Boost)
NPC's now made more of a challenge.(Boost)
Quincy level bug after reacing 1600 fixed.(Fixed)
Leader verb logout bug fixed.(Fixed)
You can have a chance to break free of binds if your reiatsu is greater.(Balancer)
Ukitake boost now focus more on Reiatsu and Defence.(Balancer)
Shinigami now have Hell Buttefly.(Boost)
Kido Tsuzuri Raiden Added.(New)
Kido Okasen Added.(New)
Kido Tenran Added.(New)
Kido Soren Sokatsui Added.(New)
Kido Hiryu Gekizoku Shinten Raiho.(New)
Kido Senju Koten Taiho.(New)
Kido Corps Added.(New)
EXP gain fixed.(Fixed)
Max EXP now 10,000.(New)
Reiatsu Limit Break for Kido Corps Added.(New)
Aizen Shikai change.(New)
New Interface Added.(New)
Interface Temporarily Removed.(Being Reworked)
Guild Houses Added.(New)
You can no longer leave guilds.(New)
Guild Perks from Guild Master NPC.(New)
Black Coffin damage fixed.(Fixed)
Kido gaining fixed.(Fixed)
Guild House tab Added.(New)
Kido Corps no longer get asked for their shikai call/name.(Fixed)
Gin Buto skill damage change.(Nerf)
Soi Fon Missle damage change.(Nerf)
Starkk wolves now give the kill to the owner of them.(Fixed)
Gin Posion fixed.(Fixed)
Mini Game now available for players.(New)
You now receive money by killing Hollows and in Wars.(New)
War reward now gives a better boost.(Boost)
Music Stop button now added.(New)
Ulquiorra NPC now gives 12,000 EXP.(Boost)
NPC gives overall lower stats per kill.(Nerf)
Tousen bankai no longer spammable.(Fixed)
War Map viewer now added.(New)
Starkk Cero Metralleta Icon Change.(Upgrade)
Cero Metrelleta technique change.(Reworked)
Starkk new skill Cero Metrletta Mode Added.(New)
Starkk new skill Switch Direction Added.(New)
Starkk Wolves damage changed.(Boost/Nerf)
Starkk wolves numbers increased to 8 from 4.(Boost)
Starkk Immense Spirtual Pressure moved from 800% to 320% to kill.(Boost)
Demi,Hollow,Strong Hollow,Menos spawn time change brought down.(Change)
Ulquiorra NPC now gives bonus money for the kill.(Boost)
Ulquiorra NPC Health moved to 3 mil from 800k.(Boost)
Ulquiorra NPC spawn time moved to 25 minutes from 20.(Balancer)
Ulquiorra NPC now gives 15,000 EXP up from 12,000.(Boost)
Extra Guild House Features.(Added)

Update 1.6

Sanrei Glove now is able to be taken off at level 100k(100,000) and gives a max of x5 boost.(Nerf)
Energy Rain can now only deal a maximum of 60% of the opponents HP went down from 75%.(Nerf)
Lower level binding kido no longer freezes but instead immobilizes some of the opponents skills.(Nerf)
Health give on all dummies doubled.(Boost)
Shunpo Battle Added.(Boost)
Byakuya shredding defence damage on petals reduced to shredding 20% defence.(Nerf)
Inoue's Koten Zanshun takes the users rei + 20% instead of 25% max target HP.(Nerf)
Inoue's Santen Kessun now boost your natural defence also.(Boost)
Inoue's Souten Kissun moved from 8% per second to 7% per second.(Nerf)
Sado Arm boost per higher level brought down.(Nerf)
El Directo damage brought up.(Boost)
La Muerte damage boost.(Boost)
Diablo Besar damage boost.(Boost)
Bounto overall boosted.(Boost)
Takahashi Shikai Added.(Boost)
Yama Sonido Step changed can now only do up to 30% of opponent max hp as damage rather than 50%.(Nerf)
Recluese Release Added.(Boost)
Aeliester Release Added.(Boost)
Sajin Area Crush damage change.(Nerf)
Skye Shikai Added.(Boost)
Aizen Complete Death changed cooldown from 6 to 11 seconds.(Nerf)

Update 1.5

Shinigami Kido Requirments changed.(Boost)
Kido Danku Added.(Boost)
Kido Haien Added.(Boost)
Kido Enkosen Added.(Boost)
Kido Geki Added.(Boost)
Kido Hainawa Added.(Boost)
Kido Kuyo Shibari Added.(Boost)
Kido Sajo Sabaku Added.(Boost)
Kido Sekienton Added.(Boost)
Kido overall damage change.(Boost)
Byakurai does piercing damage.(Boost)
Spar verb added.(Boost)
Fen Hawk Shikai/Bankai Added.(Boost)
Squad Four Healing Technique Keikatsu Added.(Boost)
Spar bugs fixed.(Boost)

Update 1.4

More moves can now move through Byakua petals.(Nerf)
OOC toggle fixed.(Boost)
Emote verb added
Squad House Teleport Added.(Boost)
Yumichika Reiatsu Drain move Added.(Boost)
Race War Talk fixed.(Boost)
Tousen technique Nishiki Benihiko Added.(Boost)
Tousen technique Cry Added.(Boost)
Mayuri bankai now releases poison when called.(Boost)
Mayuri attacks when in bankai now deals poison damage.(Boost)
Renji attack/defence boosted when entering bankai.(Boost)
Renji's Higa Zekkou range widened.(Boost)
Renji technique Hikotsu Taiho Added.(Boost)
Renji's bankai basic attacks damage change.(Boost)
Renzan Links Gravitacion Arrancar Release Added.(Boost)
Suredo shikai added.(Boost)
Mimiru shikai added.(Boost)
Yama release added.(Boost)
Help File now works and is accurate.(Boost)
Byakuya restored for Vaizard test.(Boost)
Race Wars pure Elimination Mode Added.(Boost)
Yama's Sonido Wing slash damage change.(Boost)
Race Wars now gives rewards to the winners.(Boost)
Lieutenants are now given Limit Release.(Boost)
Captain's can now Seat members up to 20.(Boost)
Captain Commander can now Promote Shinigami to Captain Status.(Boost)
Mayuri Fake Organs Added.(Boost)
Mayuri Zanpaktou Swallow Added.(Boost)
Mayuri Hightened Senses Added.(Boost)
Mayuri Fake Organs fixed.(Boost)
Quincy Energy Rain Added.(Boost)
Inoue Koten Zanshun damage change.(Nerf)
Inoue cooldown to Koten Zanshun reduced.(Boost)
Inoue Healing technique heal change.(Nerf)
Inoue Healing technique now homes in on ally's.(Boost)
Inoue shield now pushes back opponents.(Boost)
Fen Hawk shikai/bankai added.(Boost)
Renzan attack damage bug fixed.(Boost)
Quincy Rain damage change.(Nerf)
Captain Commander can now Remove Captains.(Boost)

Update 1.3

Byakuya Hakuteiken Boost change.(Nerf)
Byakuya Hakuteiken Strike damage change.(Nerf)
Hitsugaya Eternal Snow damage change.(Nerf)
Shunsui Irooni damage change.(Nerf)
Shunsui Kageoni damage change.(Nerf)
Shunsui Takaoni damage change.(Nerf)
Captain Limit Release boost change.(Nerf)
Mugetsu after death bug fixed.(Boost)
Suelo Ultear now deals damage.(Boost)
Suelo Ultear damage/healing change.(Nerf)
Arrancar calls fixed.(Boost)
Quincy ranks fixed.(Boost)
Quincy Sanrei Glove must be removed by level 150,000.(Nerf)
Zaraki's eyepatch boost change.(Nerf)
Sanji's Area Crush damage change.(Nerf)
Azael Arrancar release added.(Boost)
Erendira Arrancar release added.(Boost)
Sajin Area Crush damage change.(Nerf)
Ryuto Shikai/Bankai added.(Boost)
Azael Locura fixed.(Boost)
Kira shikai fixed.(Boost)
Ryuto shikai/bankai overall boost/damage changes.(Nerf)
Sanji's Area Crush damage change.(Nerf)
Ichigo's Mugetsu damage change.(Nerf)
Ryuto's Energy Stampede effect/damage change.(Boost/Nerf)
Kira shikai technique Weigh Down Added.(Boost)
Ikkaku shikai technique Waking Dragon Added.(Boost)
Ryuto's Twin Cannon Burst/Cannon Blast now recoils.(Nerf)
Byakuya petals damage change.(Nerf)
Byakuya Gokei effect change.(Nerf)
Byakuya Gokei fixed.(Boost)
Race War Area/Event Added.(Boost)
Byakuya Gokei fixed.(Boost)
Ryuto Twin Cannon Burst/Cannon Blast damage change.(Nerf)
Sajin's Area Crush now correctly deals damage.(Boost/Nerf)
Health Transmitters now Added.(Boost)
Squad Houses now have Training Dummies.(Boost)
Vaizard Hangout has training dummies.(Boost)
Urahara Shop now has training dummies.(Boost)

Update 1.2

Byakuya petal damage changed.(Nerf)
Byakuya Hakuteiken stat boost change.(Boost)
Byakuya Hakuteiken Strike added.(Boost)
Urahara Shibari added.(Boost)
Urahara Hiasobi added.(Boost)
Vaizard Leader and Co-Leader fixed.(Boost)
Suelo arrancar release added.(Boost)
Soi Fon Jakuho Raikoben Missle damage change.(Nerf)
Soi Fon Jakuho Raikoben Missle now homing.(Boost)
Irooni damage change.(Nerf)
Irooni cooldown added 10 seconds.(Nerf)
Irooni freezes while taking place.(Boost)
Urahara Blood Lust technique added.(Boost)
Urahara Shibari bug fixed.(Boost)
Eternal Snow damage change.(Nerf)
Tousen bankai bug fixed.(Boost)
Sajin Area Crush added.(Boost)
Kenpachi Kendo attack added.(Boost)
Nnorita can attack 360 degrees.(Boost)
Ukitake can no longer reflect Sprenger.(Nerf)
Quincies now keep Gritz.(Boost)
Quincy ranks added.(Boost)
Urahara Hiasobi damage change.(Nerf)

Update 1.1

Ukitake shikai updated(Boost).
Quincy True Sanrei Glove limited.(Nerf)
Zaraki's eyepatch limited.(Nerf)
Quincy Ransoutengai moved from 15 to 12 seconds.(Nerf)
Sado gets stronger attack.(Boost)
Gin shikai Buto Renjin damage change.(Boost)
Soi Fon Jakuho Raikoben Missle damage change.(Boost)
Ukitake fake Bankai removed.(Nerf)
Ulquiorra NPC Sonido fixed.(Boost)
Yumichika shikai drains Reiatsu and Adds to health.(Boost)
Kira shikai slows targets.(Boost)
Kira damage fixed.(Boost)
Shunsui's Irooni damage change.(Nerf)
Gin shikai pierces defence.(Boost)
Quincy Sprenger damage change.(Boost)
Shinigami Kido moves damage change.(Boost)
Ichigo Final Getsuga Tenshou Boost change.(Nerf)
Arrancar now... pickable... Talk to Aizen(Boost)

  • Ranks

  • Captain Reqs:50k
    Squad 1 Captain:
    Squad 2 Captain:
    Squad 3 Captain:
    Squad 4 Captain:
    Squad 5 Captain:
    Squad 6 Captain:
    Squad 7 Captain:
    Sqaud 8 Captain:
    Sqaud 9 Captain:
    Squad 10 Captain:
    Sqaud 11 Captain:
    Squad 12 Captain:
    Squad 13 Captain:

    Lieutenants Reqs:Captain choice
    Squad 1 Lieutenant:
    Squad 2 Lieutenant:
    Sqaud 3 Lieutenant:
    Squad 4 Lieutenant:
    Squad 5 Lieutenant:
    Squad 6 Lieutenant:
    Squad 7 Lieutenant:
    Squad 8 Lieutenant:
    Squad 9 Lieutenant:
    Squad 10 Lieutenant:
    Squad 11 Lieutenant
    Squad 12 Lieutenant:
    Sqaud 13 Lieutenant:

    Vaizard Leader:
    Vaizard #1:
    Vaizard #2:
    Vaizard #3:
    Vaizard #4:
    Vaizard #5:
    Vaizard #6:
    Vaizard #7:
    Vaizard #8:
    Vaizard #9:
    Vaizard #10:

    Espada Leader:50k
    Espada #0:
    Espada #1:
    Espada #2:
    Espada #3:
    Espada #4:
    Espada #5:
    Espada #6:
    Espada #7:
    Espada #8:
    Espada #9:

    Quincy Archer

    Quincy Lonewolf #1:
    Quincy Hawk Eye #2:
    Quincy Sharpshooter #3:

  • Renji
  • Mayuri
  • Urahara
  • Yamamoto
  • Love
  • Shinji
  • Kensai
  • Ichinose
  • Ichimaru
  • Byakuya
  • Yumichika
  • Kira
  • Jiroubou
  • Hinamori
  • Ikkaku
  • Zaraki(Special feature given only to squad Captain 11)
  • Tousen
  • Aizen(Special feature given only to squad Captain 5)
  • Komamura
  • Soi Fon
  • Shunsui
  • Ukitake
  • Matsumoto
  • Hisagi
  • Yachiru
  • Rose
  • Rukia
  • Ryuto(Custom)
  • Mimiru(Custom)
  • Suredo(Custom)
  • Fen(Custom)
  • Takahashi(Custom)
  • Exetin(Custom)
  • Skye(Custom)

  • Grimmjow
  • Starrk
  • Barragan
  • Harribel
  • Ulquiorra
  • Nnoitra
  • Nell
  • Szayel
  • Dordinii
  • Suelo(Custom)
  • Azael(Custom)
  • Erendira(Custom)
  • Yama(Custom)
  • Recluese(Custom)
  • Aeliester(Custom)
    (Ress are now pickable)

    HAVE FUN! :D



Noviboy666: (Aug 14, 9:49 am)
Come on twaon put the game back up its been 2weeks! :/
Abshir: (Mar 14, 6:08 am)
Whens the Game coming on again its been a day now.....
Zolo222: (Mar 2, 12:25 am)
sinces I cant speek in the game I came here to ask for help I was muited by the game after the time was up I spook in ooc and was remuted but this time it wont unmut me I was wondering if some one could un muit me
Morton1: (Jan 5, 9:57 pm)
let it die #whatisthishashtagnonsense?
Dblake1012: (May 26 2013, 9:29 pm)
Im interested in hosting this game Twaon please contact me