Bleach The Legendary End

by Twaon
Bleach The Legendary End
A bleach game. [More]

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Date added: Jun 30 2011
Last updated: Oct 21 2014
Last played: Jan 21
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  • Staff
  • Main Owner:
    The Majin

  • Co-Owner:

  • Master Admin:

  • Admin:

  • Enforcer:

    1.Do Not Ask For GM In game,Go On Forums And Add Application Please.
  • 2.Do Not spam In OOC, Or Any Type Of Chat Or You Will Be Banned
  • 3.Do Not Ask For Edit.
  • 4.Please No Disrespecting One Another.
  • 5.Do Not Be Racist Of Discriminate People In Any Way There Will Be Serious Punishments If You Do So.
  • 6.Do Not Kill In Safe Zone(Especially Infront Of Hospital Entrance).
  • 7.No Advertising Other Games You Will Be Booted If You Do So.
  • 8.Players If You See Any GM's Abusing Their Powers or If They Have GM Trained Please Let The Main Owners Know.
  • 9.If A Player With A Race Rank Isnt On After 5 Days Will Lose There Rank.


Gunner231: (Jul 23 2015, 4:23 pm)
Well people the game is up come play it.
Twaon: (Oct 21 2014, 5:49 pm)
The Majin is now the new owner of BLE.
Noviboy666: (Aug 14 2014, 6:49 am)
Come on twaon put the game back up its been 2weeks! :/
Abshir: (Mar 14 2014, 3:08 am)
Whens the Game coming on again its been a day now.....
Zolo222: (Mar 1 2014, 9:25 pm)
sinces I cant speek in the game I came here to ask for help I was muited by the game after the time was up I spook in ooc and was remuted but this time it wont unmut me I was wondering if some one could un muit me