by UnknownHobbit
This is a roleplaying game inspired by Generations. [More]

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Date added: Mar 27 2018
Last updated: Jan 14
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This is a roleplaying game inspired by Generations, originally created by Liens.

NeoHaxor - For his hard work on the drunken speech lib.
Rock - For the original human base icon.
Kaitsuru - Big thanks for major help with the clothing and some blast icons!

Liens - For creating Generations.
Spirit Punch - Graphical assets, without his continued assistance, this may not have been immediately possible.
The community - The support from the current members of this community has been integral in the game's development, of which they are appreciated.


Whenesis: (Dec 23 2020, 7:11 pm)
MrDaikirii: (Sep 22 2020, 3:12 pm)
Dis cool and all but have yall played nier yet? 👀
Salas200: (Sep 13 2020, 11:07 pm)
smelly poopy butt lol
SithAdept: (Sep 8 2020, 8:21 pm)
its probably abandoned... evan asking about it is met with extreme hostility i do other things and check in on it every now and then.. no progresses at all just " it will be out when its out| tbh i dont htink hobbit evan works on it any more i would ask discord but doing so is like pissing in the mod's browny mix
Iuri77: (Aug 16 2020, 5:44 pm)
When will this gem be up? Or you not working on it no more?