Naruto: The Legacy Begins

by Unknown Soldiers
Naruto: The Legacy Begins
Fight till your number 1 and create your own legacy and go onto the hall of fames [More]

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Version 2.0
Date added: Oct 19 2006
Last updated: Oct 4 2008
Last played: Oct 4 2008
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Heartless/Brock Lee and Bhav008 have Quit BYOND, 2005-2007


Jounin Exam:100% done
New Map:30% done
New Icons:30% done(Base icon may not change)
New Trainng System:10% done
Other Stuff:10% done
Overall:20% done

New Jutsus will be available
New mapping
Trainning will become slower
Will have some of the same features that are in the cartoon eg. The memorial stone

Rules For Players:

1: No Spamming.

2: Do not talk about Adult things (Porn, Hentai, etc.) remember children play the game .

3: No attacking or killing on a Mountain.

4: Interrupting important events and not following the Administrator's rules will result in a Ban.

5: No Spawn Killing.

6: No AFK training or EZ macroing.

7: Do not repeatedly use CAPS LOCK.

8: Follow any rule set by certain GMs.

9: Do not mute or bann avoid.

10: No Racism

If you break a rule

- First offense, Boot, Mute or jail

- Second offense, Key Ban for an hour or so.

- Third offense, Permanent IP Ban.

GM Rules

1: Do Not abuse your powers

2: No summoning NPC's

3: No summoning or Tele kill

4: Bann only if players break the rules, banning them because you hate them will cause you to get banned

5: Do not make stupid rules.

Punishments for GMs
If you break a rule

- First offense, A warning from GMs above you

- Second offense, Striped from your powers for one or two days

- Third offense, Striped from powers permenantly


Owners: Heartless(No Heart No Soul), Bhav(Bhavik008)

Programmers : Heartless/Bhav

Head Admin : psychotic shinobi(Bigibi)

Admins : Bryan, Kyoshi (Zai-Smokey)

Head Enforcer : Lynnie

Enforces: Khaos (MKX), the kill (Killer2030)

Iconers : Darkomega

GFX : Bhav

Mapping : Heartless/Bhav

Host: Heartless

Website/Forum : Heartless

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