Bleach The Unamed Zanpukutoh

by Urameshii
A Bleach Game of the DOTS, and ROTA STAFF [More]

Currently Unavailable

Version 2
Date added: Feb 24 2008
Last updated: Apr 25 2010
Last played: Jan 2 2015
205 fans

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This game made by your Favorite People

Welcome to Bleach: The Unnamed Zanpukutoh

BTUZ Staff

Owners: Yusuke/Sin/Black spidey/Zero/Gokau/Asmo
Co-Owners: (Unknown at this time)
Game Moderators: (Unknown at this time)

Game Rules/Players

1. No asking for GM, Apply in the forums, not in the game.
2. Don't ask for Edits
3. Don't ask to be summoned into the GM room
4. Don't spam Techniques, or in the OOC Channel, or any communication channel for that matter.
5. Don't attack, Infront of the Hospital, or infront of the hospital. Only in the Grass.

Game Moderator Rules

1. Don't ask for edits
2. Don't summon players to the GM room unless they won a tournament.
3. Don't abuse your powers on the players or any other GM.
4. No arguing with other GMs.
5. Be kind to the players.
6. Do your job, Don't announce stuff that isn't important, Don't teleport and kill, Mute, Boot, Ban, IPban, follow in those steps.

Thank you.



Squad One
Captain: Raven Urameshi
Squad Two
Captain: Loki Naruko
Lieutenant: Kon
Squad Three
Captain: NONE
Squad Four:
Captain: NONE
Squad Five
Captain: NONE
Squad Six
Captain: NONE
Squad Seven
Captain: NONE
Squad Eight
Captain: NONE
Squad Nine
Captain: NONE
Squad Ten
Captain: Yusuke Urameshi
Squad Eleven
Captain: NONE
Squad Twelve
Captain: Nanashi
Lieutenant: Shane
Squad Thirteen
Captain: NONE
Kido Squad
Captain: Joker


Vaizard Leader:
Vaizard one:
Vaizard Two:
Vaizard Three:
Vaizard Four:
Vaizard Five:
Vaizard Six:
Vaizard Seven:
Vaizard Eight:
Vaizard Nine:
Vaizard Ten:
Quincy Elders:
Sado Leader:
Diablo Sado Leader: Dante
Diablo Sado One:
Diablo Sado Two:
Diablo Sado Three:
Diablo Sado Four:
Diablo Sado Five:

Espada Leader:Avalon
Espada # Zero:
Espada # One:
Espada # Two:
Espada # Three:
Espada # Four:
Espada # Five:
Espada # Six:
Espada # Seven:Zetta Armegeddiado
Espada # Eight:
Espada # Nine:

Inoue Leader:

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