Naruto Return Of Akatsuki

by Uzumaki213
Naruto Return Of Akatsuki
A great new naruto game from the source of naruto sacred tales. [More]

Currently Unavailable

Version 2.7
Date added: Dec 14 2008
Last updated: Jul 16 2009
Last played: Jul 21 2009
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* No Repeatedly asking for Higher Rank or GM.
* No Disrespecting GMs.
* No Multiclanning (Anyone caught will be IP-BANNED)
* No Spamming. (Boot then IP Ban)
* Do Not Mass Recreate, you will Get booted then Banned.
* Do Not Mass Relog, you will Get booted then Banned.
* Do not ask to be put in an Organization by a Gm.
* Do not ask to become a Sannin, Sage Or an ANBU by a Gm. That is the Kage's Honor and the Kage's Decision.
* No foul language. (Only to a certain extent if used to much will result in a ban.)
* No Going Into An Organization's Base, Unless Given Permission By A Member Or The Leader Of The Organization's Base.
* Asking For An Edit Will Result In An Automatic Kick From Naruto Generation 1.
* Advertising Another Game On Byond Will Result In A Double Ban.
* No asking for genin exams, they are auto
* The Players Are Allowed To Challenge For Their Current Village Kage For Their Village Kage's Position, This May Only Be Done Once Every Two Weeks Though.
* If A Village's Kage Hasn't Logged In For About Ten Days, unless on vacation, a new village kage will take their place.
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