Bleach Death and Rebirth

by Vadican
Bleach Death and Rebirth
Cold Fusion brings you Bleach Death and Rebirth [More]

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Date added: Sep 6 2011
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Cold Fusion Entertainment is Thrilled to open its doors again and re-present This Title originally Labeled as Bleach Life and Death. Our dear affiliate who presented us the game has moved on to brighter things in life and his Updated Sequel Bleach Life and Death 2 has been in poor upkeep. But at last we have heard the people shout that it be brought back and so here it is. After piecing humpty dumpty back together we have BDR ready to be played but not without its bugs and flaws. For the time being we hope you enjoy getting your feet wet again in this classic and we all look forward to seeing what youll become in your Rebirth.

Hollow Pictures, Images and Photos

Finding the Vaizards is not easy becoming one is harder still, youll likely want to be a Shinigami and get to a pretty high level before you become one.

Hollow Pictures, Images and Photos WHERE ARE THE HOLLOWS? The answer is simple. Our Hollows are bugged right now but we are working hard to fix them at which point they will be put back into the game and players can become Hollows Normally.

Hollow Pictures, Images and Photos

I hear you I hear you, Shinigamis are cool and all but evil is better! Arrancar are Better! Well they ARE in the game already but were working on making releases for them and because they evolve from Hollows they arent open to the public readily. However if you become Super Human or Shinigami with High stats and at least 50 kills you can become Arrancar just ask a admin when you have the requirments.


WTF? Pictures, Images and Photos

BOUNTS / SADO / INOUE Are all available ingame but they arent the easiest to find. Bounts being the most difficult. Find them and train yourself to be one of the elite few who did!


We at Cold Fusion Entertainment are always looking toward the future and that future is you, if you have skills in the coding or sprite making areas of game construction WE NEED YOU. Mr Kilmer or Vadican can be reached any time he is online to discuss this further