Resident Evil Online The New T-Virus

by Valduksas
Resident Evil Online The New T-Virus
The new t-virus has escaped from Area 51 and has spread throughout the world. Only you and a few survivors team up and fight against the reanimated corpses. [More]

Currently Unavailable

Version 1.4
Date added: Jul 12 2009
Last updated: Aug 6 2009
Last played: Sep 7 2009
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Welcome to Hell

Sound Production: Crystal_Eyes, Kain_Bahamut.
Icons: Half By Kain_Bahamut, Crystal_Eyes, Valduksas.
Actual RETNT-V Game Owner: Valduksas.
Game Owners: Valduksas, Dulguun08, Crystal_Eyes.
Mappers: Dulguun08 and Crystal_Eyes
Coders: Valduksas, Crystal_Eyes, Carlostoval(Carlos)
Iconers: Valduksas, Crystal_Eyes, Dulguun08.
Admins: Eon_Paradise, El_Elminator, Wakigo.
Hosters: Dulguun08(that azn dude)
Special Thanks To: Crystal_Eyes(Carlos or Crystal), Dulguun08(Danny), Valduksas(Dreamer), Kain_Bahamut(Adam) For Helping With The Game!

More Icons Coming Soon!!

Game Still In Construction!!

More Maps Coming Soon!!

More Charecters Coming Soon!!

More Sound Affects Coming Soon!!

More Everything!!

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Ss4gogeta0: (Jan 28 2011, 11:19 am)
hey valdy... if ya need icons come to me...