Curtain Call Classic

by Vegeta original
Reserve engineering of Curtain Call. [More]

Currently Unavailable

Version 11.2
Date added: Dec 26 2017
Last updated: May 9
Last played: Jun 2
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Owner:Vegeta original
Codder:Vegeta original(More a code editor than coder)
Codded Admins:Laz goddard,Tyson1,Ryuujin,Zygman,Zeraxus.
Updated:09-05-2020: Fixed bug with Oozaru transformation,it used to put Saiyans at negative power when they revert and admins couldn't fix that with stat editing or admin heal.
Updated:26-08-2019: Fixed stat gains from Simulators and Saibaiman seeds.
Updated:28-05-2019:Technology prices are now divided by tech mod and rounded to whole number,fix for fighting styles,now the precetnages are assigned correctly to each stat.
Updated:08-04-2019:Fix for edit panel script bug.
Updated:02-04-2019:Fixed Stat Ranks,you can now have 3 characters on single Byond key.
Updated:14-03-2019:Fix for BP gains speed,fixed Change Icon,fixed Oozaru,Saiyans no longer lose the tail when they switch hair and didnt have it blasted.
Updated:26-01-2019:Nerfed Low Class Saiyan Endurance mod,added class locks to the race lock,Admins level 3 can now lock and unlock races.
Updated:24-01-2019:Added Chilled Changeling type,changed a few icons,added flight delay,slowed down stat/BP gains.
Updated:25-11-2018:Fixed BP Ranks,separated MaxBP from BaseBP,made FBM and transformations based on BaseBP requierments.
Updated:22-10-2018:Nerfed Low Class Saiyan basic Endurance mod,admins can no longer acess locked rares and races,they list at begining of the wipe matches the player list,raised energy gains a litle.
Updated:17-10-2018:Added missing FBM to races,nerfed Normal Saiyans Endurance mod,added UP Mod for Normal Saiyan and changed it for other classes.
Updated:15-10-2018:Added rest verb,lowered decline and energy gains to more stable levels.
Updated:13-10-2018:Removed Lesbian pregnacy from the game(it was retarded and whoever added it should commit suicide).
Updated:07-09-2018:Fixed fighting styles.
Updated:25-09-2018:Fixed too fast BP gains.
Updated:31-08-2018:Fixed Black Screen at loading.
Updated:30-08-2018:Added Cryptography to the game to prevent attacks on MD5.
Updated:28-08-2018:Fixed Oozaru boost,beter chat text,fixed Split Form Skill mechanics.
Updated:27-08-2018:Fixed Saibaimen stats multiplier,Fixed Demons stats multiplier,fixed BP/Energy gains rate,fixed Styles exp,removed 25K Energy Limit.
Updated:26-08-2018:Fixed Tall height bug,added Admin Help,fixed ZanzoToggle and Oozaru icon scaling bug.
Updated:25-08-2018:Diagonal movement works,fix for Oozaru scaling.
Updated:21-08-2018:Deactivated Diagonal movement because it didnt work in this source,added new Create and Edit panel.
Updated:17-08-2018:Added Diagonal Movement.
Updated:15-08-2018:New Hand Drill iteam with upgrades feature.
Updated:14-08-2018:New digging animation,fixed bug with not begin able to move after you stop digging from runing out of energy.
Updated:11-08-2018:Addded World tab for admins,added Punching bags with zenni upgrade feature,added the same feature to logs.
Updated:27-07-2018:Added File transfer verb for admins.
Updated:22-06-2018:Added lift information to CharacterInfo.
Updated:21-06-2018:Fixed the bug with stats not loading with player location.
Updated:01-06-2018:Replaced Personality/Histories with CharacterType.
Updated:20-05-2018:Restroed the old Stat system with caps to fix BP gain,adjusted some histories to dont give negative modifiers,replaced Tuffle's Profesor History with Rich Family because of tech mods incresse.
Updated 19-05-2018:Fixed Auto Save.
Updated 18-05-2018:Precognition no longer dissapears after character creation,replaced the whole Stat/BP rank system and removed the Caps on BP and Stats because they didnt work as intended.
Updated 17-05-2018:Game now remembers player location(you need to move one tile when you see a black screen),fixed Roleplay verb typeing icon,Stat and BP Rank are visible in stat bar,adjusted BP/Stat Cap verbs.
Updated 16-05-2018:Changed the aura and blast colour pick system.
Updated 15-05-2018:Fixed Heran stat rolls and adjusted character int mods,Fixed Alien types stat mod rolls.
Updated 14-05-2018:Fixed Changelings and Legendary Saiyan's stat rolls,fixed Kaioken skill,fixed Zanzo combo that prevented people from sparing simulators.
Updated 09-05-2018:Changed Saiyan Tail icon,fixed Alien stat roll ranges.
Updated 07-04-2018:Added Spirit of Tuffle King path,rearanged some racial histories,changed characters stat mods.
Updated 03-04-2018:Profesor and Studious combination is now more usefull,year gain was reduced.
Updated 02-04-2018:Added Histories and fixed a few bugs.
Updated 30-04-2018:Fixed Oozaru bug,Saiyans used to keep Oozaru str mod when loging out.
Updated 29-04-2018:All races now start with same basic mods for Str/End/Off/Def/Speed/Force/Res and are flexible by personality,body types,height and aligment,fixed zenkai rate,fixed Changelings not learning BE,fixed Tuffles not learning Bebi,adjusted Saiyan zenkai to more resonable amout.
Updated 27-04-2018:More race lock options,nerf for Changelings,added Height and Aligment to the game,diging no longer gives tech level,added Invent verb for technology traning,added Personalities,readjusted stat mods,deactivated mutations.
Updated 24-04-2018:Fixed int gains,renamed races,mobs and planets.
Updated 14-01-2018:Added AFK Toggle verb,fixed map save bug that forced the game to reboot.
Updated 28-12-2017:Rebalanced races and removed Re-Stat verb.
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