Dragon Emeralds

by Vegeta original
Brand new roleplaying game. [More]

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Version 9.9
Date added: Apr 17 2018
Last updated: Sep 9 2019
Last played: Apr 11
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Owner:Vegeta original
Coder:Laz goddard
Codded Admins:Tyson1,Sean500,Zeraxus.
Update 07-10-2018:Admins can no longer transform any race to random transes,fixed Split Form icon bug,fixed Freiza Changelings not appearing on screen,fixed Flight delay.
Update 02-10-2018:Added Frost and Chilled Changelings,added Class lock for Changelings and Saiyans,fix for mob gains stat focus,change to Height boosts.
Update 30-09-2018:Added advenced Injury System,AdminPM stuff,mob gains from Simulators/SplitForms,Janemba race with transformation,Dabura/Towa race,Demigra race with it's own transformation,fixed the Power Ball skill for Primal Saiyan,fixed a few histories and personalities that didnt work before,Mira as tech upgrade for Demons and Devils,style now can modify any of your stats from stregth to speed.
Update 04-09-2018:Added some basic Guide to the game.
Update 30-08-2018:Added Cryptography to the game to prevent attacks on MD5.
Update 29-08-2018:Restricted Meta upgrade to Changeling race,boosted the Meta upgrade,added Meta Clones skill,fixed MetaClone mob,corrected mistakes in Personalities.
Update 28-08-2018:Fixed Split Form skill functions.
Update 27-08-2018:Added True Ancestor race with Ancestor Ki(weaker version of God Ki),removed HUD from the game.
Update 26-08-2018:Fixed Auto Attack verb.
Update 25-08-2018:Added Scan,Sense and Sense Galaxy tabs.
Update 23-08-2018:Added Planets on space map.
Update 22-08-2018:Added new Personalities for Earth and Vegeta Halfies,finaly a working stat focus,custom style create that can be leveled up and affects your offense and defense.
Update 21-08-2018:New Create and Edit tab.
Update 19-08-2018:Added new Amulet icon,finaly a working year speed verb.
Update 17-08-2018:Added Diagonal movement.
Update 16-08-2018:Added Balanced Half Saiyan class with they own histories and personalities,added racial description for Half Saiyans.
Update 15-08-2018:Fixed Hand Drill upgrades.
Update 14-08-2018:Fixed issue with SuperFlight,more optimal FPS rate.
Update 13-08-2018:People can no longer fly meditate,fly traning,fly dig,meditate dig,hide power verb was removed because of bug,dig state now changes the icon state.
Update 12-08-2018:Added new icons for Namekian and Ancient Namekian race,corrected spelling mistakes in code,Punching bags are now lower in technology requiments.
Update 11-08-2018:Fixed zenni upgrade feature for punching bags,mobs are no longer healable if they are not players,less laggy Iteam Save,Delate Iteams verbs for admins.
Update 10-08-2018:Added Yardarts as separate race with they own paths for History and Personality,LSSJ is now born with the new trans verbs.
Update 09-08-2018:Fix for serval in game ranks.
Update 08-08-2018:More self learn skills for serval races.
Update 07-08-2018:Basic speed mod for Namekian race was raised,Demon FBM was incressed.
Update 06-08-2018:More accurate planet's gravitaty numbers.
Update 05-08-2018:Added Heran race with histories and personalities.
Update 04-08-2018:Fixed issue with SSJ4 transformation.
Update 28-07-2018:Fixed winset for game interface.
Update 26-07-2018:Added File transfer verb for admins,new icon for Dodoria,new icon for Janemba,added Dabura option for Demons,added 5th form for Cooler and Form 3 and 4 for King Cold.
Update 25-07-2018:Added Jiren and Zarbon transformations,fixed revert for new transes,added Female versions of Jiren and Ginyu Aliens.
Update 24-07-2018:Fixed a year spawn loop.
Update 28-06-2018:Added Hide Power Skill.
Update 27-06-2018:Bags and logs can now be fixed with zenni,Hand Drill boosts the speed you dig but dosent give you a higher amout.
Update 22-06-2018:Added lift information to CharacterInfo.
Update 12-06-2018:New Power Control skill that works similary to more modern PC system.
Update 06-06-2018:Added Android Trans similar to Android 13 one.
Update 31-05-2018:Added Energy Absorb for Androids that dosent kill.
Update 28-05-2018:Fixed Tech Weights,Godkify tab now appears in admin tab,new ranks for Shenron race players,fixed Enkumei skill,Announcer ranks are in beta stage and they dont have announce verb.
Update 26-05-2018:Fix to invisibly,ranks display,chracater BP mods.
Update 25-05-2018:Added young Goten hairstyle,new ranks and skills,rest verb,Fusion Dance for Metamori Aliens.
Update 24-05-2018:Better Goku SSJ4 hair icon,added serval Alien races,Ginyu,Jiren,Jacko,Monaka,Pikkon,Zarbon,Guldo,Appule and Dodoria.
Update 23-05-2018:Added Legendary Super Saiyan trans,changed SSJ Kaioken and Daioken auras in the game.
Update 22-05-2018:Fixed Changelings icons,fixed Dig and energy dissplay in stat tab,Added Galick Gun skill for King of Vegeta.
Update 21-05-2018:Added Advenceturn verb.
Update 18-05-2018:Precognition no longer dissapears after character creation.
Update 17-05-2018:Added Stat and BP rank info to Stat Tab.
Update 14-05-2018:Added Potara Fusion.
Update 10-05-2018:Added Energy Drain Gloves and Boots,Weights as tech iteam.
Update 08-05-2018:Stat Points as RP Bonus reward.
Update 07-05-2018:Stats now dissplay as direct numbers not precentage in stat tab.
Update 01-05-2018:Added SuperFlight
Update 30.04.2018:Added Power Drills.
Update 25.04.2018:Limited max PU precentge you can put to 500% to prevent RPfight bug.
Update 24.04.2018:Added Simulators(You still dont gain from mobs but they work),added beta of Hand Drill,added Update verb for admins,so now updates can be done quicker.
Update 21.04.2018:Fixed Spilit Forms,added Shenron race,Black Star Dragon Balls with Shenlong(beta stage),addeed Primal Saiyan race.
Update 20.04.2018:Fixed Imitation skill.
Update 19.04.2018:Added Genie,Saibaiman races,fixed race dissableing,fixed Changeling forms issue,Namekians have Healer and Warrior type,rewrote histories and personalities plus added them for new races,changed Makyojin icons,Daioken skill and Change Icon/Change Icon Object,extended CharacterInfo and adjusted StatScan iteam,fixed Changeling base icons,fixed Aura and Blast colours,fixed Energy Wave skill,fixed,Map save was buged and got deactivated,now the game saves faster and dont crash/lag.
New Website:
Hosting Files:
https://drive.google.com/ open?id=1e7KJQrilVsheOwxnyD2K-pRfRKWwB48g
https://drive.google.com/ open?id=1QTAh4gOSXCbxSqqxoy-hNSNLcoxcAI-Q
Special Thanks:
Leiko - Code advice with Split Form skill.
SolHelios - Creating the injury code and mob gains for our game.


Vegeta original: (Apr 24 2018, 7:32 am)
Unfortunately,Tyson1 stopped hosting because of too low playerbase and his computer begin not the best for hosting.I have announced on my pager that I am looking for a new host,anyone interested can contact me on Discord ID:Vegeta original#1566 or Wire encrypted communicator ID:@vegetaoriginal.From my side I can only apologies that my games are going down so often,that's also why I support the ideology of releasing the host files for the public,I unfortunately cannot pay for a shell hosting or do it personally because if I could,I would be hosting the main server but I do not own a router with hosting options.Game will be still updated and developed but im doing it all alone,so this may take time to fix certain things,like the Simulator gains or Hand Drill that was recently added.
Darksayan: (Apr 24 2018, 1:17 am)
any eta when the server is gonna come back up