Encore Classic

by Vegeta original
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Version 15.1
Date added: Dec 19 2017
Last updated: Mar 27
Last played: Apr 6
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Fun roleplaying game.
Owner:Vegeta original
Coder:None at the moment.
Admins that are Codded:Laz goddard,Tyson1,Zygman,Sean500,Zeraxus,Gohnita.
Update 28-03-2020: You are now able to pick your roleplay text and think text colors, redesigned the countdown verb to feel more like the old style one, refreshed the Saibaiman icon walking states, added world repopulation verb for admins so they can bring back NPC's at will.
Update 27-05-2019: Fix for fighting styles,tech prices now are rounded up to whole numbers,lowered basic tech prices to more resonable levels.
Update 25-05-2019: Mob gains now only work when a mob is attacking you,tech mod finally affects the technology price.
Update 20-05-2019:Fixed Age Cheeking stuff,fixed power down issue and deactivated Hide Power skill,fixed balanced stat gains from mobs and now they give defense gains.
Update 02-04-2019:You can now have 3 character slots on a single byond key.
Update 24-02-2019:Finally working Mob Gains with stat focus function,Punching bags are back to begin a rank thing as requested by the players of the game.
Update 02.02.2019:Wounds healing was boosted,added back RPFight verb,new icons for a few races.
Update 21-11-2018:Added Wounds Toggle.
Update 20-10-2018:Raised flight delay.
Update 18-10-2018:Makyojin Star effect readded.
Update 16-10-2018:Removed mate code because of not working offsprings,fixed fly delay,moved the game on more stable source version.
Update 15-10-2018:Added age related stuff for mate system.
Update 13-10-2018:Fix for rest blasting bug,beta of offspring/mate system.
Update 12-10-2018:Fixed rest dig and fly rest bugs.
Update 09-10-2018:Wounds now get counted when you are damaged with Ki,powering up while wounded incresse wounds precentage.
Update 08-10-2018:Nerfed LSSJ Str and End basic mods,improvement for wounds system,more rebalance for wounds system.
Update 07-10-2018:Fixed fighting styles,slowed down wounds healing,tweaked flight delay.
Update 05-10-2018:Limited admin trans verbs to races that they are suppose to affect,Ask Admin chat for asking questions and admin answer verb for admins to answer on the same chat.
Update 02-10-2018:Fixed mob gains stat focus,changes to Height Boost.
Update 01-10-2018:Added Elite Saiyans race lock.
Update 30-09-2018:Fixed Evil Shenron stuff,added new options for Styles.
Update 28-09-2018:Fixed Power Ball for Primal Saiyans,fixed Primal Saiyan's stat mods,lowered decline gains,added Sense and Scan tabs,kill verb for Admins.
Update 27-09-2018:Fiexd a few Histories and Personalities,added simple wounds system,added AdminPM verb.
Update 26-09-2018:Added game Guide,fixed digging bug at log out.
Update 25-09-2018:Added Mob Gains,changed FBM to be based on Base not RecordPL,fixed Fly auto moveing issue,extended mob gains on regular NPC's,boosted Fly energy gains,MaxPL and BasePL are no longer the same thing,fixed BP ranks bypassed by weights bug.
Update 30-08-2018:Added Cryptography to the game to prevent attacks on MD5.
Update 28-08-2018:Fixed Split Form skill functions.
Update 26-08-2018:Fixed Auto Attack verb.
Update 24-08-2018:Added Stat Focus and Custom Fighting Styles.
Update 21-08-2018:Fixed Diagonal movement bug,added new Create and Edit panel.
Update 19-08-2018:Added Year Speed verb.
Update 17-08-2018:Diagonal movement added.
Update 15-08-2018:Fixed Hand Drill Upgrades.
Update 14-08-2018:Fixed fly meditation/training digging bug and meditate digging bug.
Update 12-08-2018:Added iteam save and admin verbs to remove iteam junk.
Update 11-08-2018:Fixed punching bags and logs zenni upgrade feature,mobs can no longer be healed if they are not players.
Update 05-08-2018:Added World tab for admins.
Update 26-07-2018:Added File Transfer verb for admins.
Update 29-06-2018:Fixed Hide Power feature.
Update 28-06-2018:Added new Power Control system.
Update 27-06-2018:Bags and logs are now upgradable with zenni,Hand Drill boosts the speed you gain zenni with but dosent give you a higher amout.
Update 25-06-2018:Fixed Primal Saiyans and Metamori Alien icon.
Update 30-05-2018:Added Energy Absorb for Androids.
Update 28-05-2018:Added Fusion Dance skill,Potara Fusion as Kaioshin Rank ability,Fusion Dance as Metamori Alien ability,fixed Tech Weights.
Update 22-05-2018:Removed a few teach verbs because they didnt appear with correct skills,Fixed Changeligs Icons.
Update 21-05-2018:Modifed the RPFight verb,should be less bugged now.
Update 18-05-2018:Fixed Precognition skill dissapearing from skill tab.
Update 17-05-2018:Added Stat and BP ranks info to Stat Tab.
Update 14-05-2018:Added Potara Fusion.
Update 10-05-2018:Added Energy Drain Gloves and Boots,Weights as tech iteam.
Update 08-05-2018:More teachable skills,Stat Points as reward option.
Update 01-04-2018:Brought back SuperFlight that was lost after source switch.
Update 30-04-2018:Added Power Drill.
Update 25-04-2018:Added Primal Saiyan and Shenron race,limited PU precentage to 500 to prevent RPfight bug.
Update 24-04-2018:Added beta of Hand Drill,Simulator(works but mob gains need to be defined),Update verb for admins to make them quicker.
Update 16-04-2018:Fixed Changeling forms again,added Raditz hairstyle at character creation.
Update 15-04-2018:Fixed icon scaling bug,Calm personality bug and Majin revert.Added teachable verb to a few skills,altered Arconian King rank.
Update 13-04-2018:Added new rare race and find out optimal FPS settings for the game.
Update 08-04-2018:Added Majin skill for Demons,Majinize for Demon Lord,fixed SNJ trans loop,fixed Changeling Forms.
Update 06-04-2018:Added Reincarnation verb for Admins.
Update 05-04-2018:Hybrids now spawn on Vegeta and Demigods spawn on Earth,who verb no longer dissplay IC name,OOC no longer dissplay IC name,admins have separate who verb in Admin tab to tell who is playing who for admin related problems.
Update 03-04-2018:Fixed Train Gains and Changeling Forms.
Update 24-03-2018:Altered histories for Demons.
Update 19-03-2018:Added stat focus,fixed Oozaru,Kikoho and Gigant Namekian bug.
Update 17-03-2018:Added Aligment choice at creation.
Update 16-03-2018:Added Genie,Saibaiman race,fixed Send to Spawn verb,Makyojins now spawn on Earth,fixed Height bug,added new Histories to Genie and Saibaiman.
Update 11-03-2018:Added a code ban mechanism to prevent well known trolls,bug abusers,DDOSers and other type of retarded people from playing the game.This game is player friendly and we dont want people that are looking for conflicts to host our servers.
Update 10-03-2018:Scouter contacts have now scanner break protection,added height as new type of choice for characters.
Update 08-03-2018:Auto attack verb,motivation toggle,servers no longer show IP when hosting to make potential DDOSing harder.
Update 28-02-2018:Fixed SSJ4 trans,added new verbs,nerfed dig,added ASNJ trans.
Update 26-02-2018:Bug fixes related to gains and other stuff that is too long to list.
Update 22-02-2018:Added Send to Spawn,Dig and a few bug fixes.
Update 21-02-2018:Readjustment of stat mods,trans requiments and other simple fixes.
Update 19-02-2018:Removed Ancient Ki and False SSJ snice they ware both bugged.
Update 19-02-2018:Removed Auto Attack snice it was bugged,added Rest verb,beta of Dig verb and fixed character Histories.
Update 12-02-2018:Added Ancient Ki and SuperFlight.
Update 04-02-2018:Added False SSJ and Psonic Blade.
Update 14-01-2018:Added Afk Toggle and Auto Attack verbs.
Update 21-12-2017:Added think and shout verbs.
Update 03-01-2018 Fixed issue with Think and Shout verbs dissplaying random numbers.
New Website:
Hosting Files:
https://drive.google.com/ open?id=1e7KJQrilVsheOwxnyD2K-pRfRKWwB48g
https://drive.google.com/ open?id=1QTAh4gOSXCbxSqqxoy-hNSNLcoxcAI-Q
Special thanks to King zelda for bug reporting,side coddeing help and giveing us the sources of Encore.
Special thanks to SolHelios for mob gains code.
Special thanks to Carloshiss0(carlohiss00) for fixing mob gains after stat focus was implemented and multiple character slots code.


Vegeta original: (May 6 2018, 7:20 pm)
Game is back up now,hosted by Camerongray on a Shell Server,in order for him to become our stable host,I have changed the donation info on the Encore Classic blog site,the game is free to play and host but he have to pay for the shell server.
ParsaTheSaiyan: (Apr 17 2018, 3:16 pm)
awwww bring game back ;c