Finale Classic

by Vegeta original
Reverse engineering of Dragonn's Finale. [More]

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Version 6.7
Date added: Mar 7 2018
Last updated: Sep 9 2019
Last played: Jul 11 2019
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Fun roleplaying game.

Owner:Vegeta original
Codder:Laz goddard
Codded Admins:Tyson1,Zeraxus,Ryuujin

Update 11-08-2019:Year system in the game now works and years are count correctly.
Update 28-05-2019:Technology prices divided by tech mod and rounded to whole number,fix for fighting styles,they now assign the correct precentage when you put points in them.
Update 30-08-2018:Added Cryptography to the game to prevent attacks on MD5.
Update 28-08-2018:Added working Split Form skill.
Update 21-08-2018:Fixed bug with Diagonal Movement,added New Create and Edit tab.
Update 17-08-2018:Diagonal movement added.
Update 15-08-2018:Fixed Hand Drill Upgrades.
Update 14-08-2018:New dig animation.
Update 11-08-2018:Fixed punching bag and log upgrades with zenni.
Update 05-08-2018:Added World tab for admins.
Update 26-07-2018:Added Transfer verb for admins.
Update 27-06-2018:Bags and logs can now be fixed with zenni,removed year speed because it buged the new age system,hand drills allow you now to dig faster but it dosent give you the higher amout itself,characters starting age is now allways the same and physical age erquals the true age.
Update 22-06-2018:Added lift information to CharacterInfo.
Update 13-06-2018:Fixed auto learn skill spam.
Update 12-06-2018:Redesigned racial ascensions,fixed the bug with Changeling forms.
Update 08-06-2018:New skills and abilities races can learn trough traning,zenni,random zenni spawns across the planets.
Update 07-06-2018:Alien types and Namekians can now learn materialization skill trought meditation,fixed Year and Helstar dissplay problem.
Update 05-06-2018:New customization options.
Update 03-06-2018:Had to remove moon/Hell start cycly because of spawn loops,fixed invisible blast icons.
Update 02-06-2018:Fixed Stat/BP ranks,added Beta of Year system,added Moon/Hell star cycle,Tail regrow system,new hairstyle for Goku type SSJ4 form.
Update 01-06-2018:Added Personalities and Histories in place of CharacterTypes.
Update 31-05-2018:Fixed Oozaru,changed Power Control skill.
Update 30-05-2018:Fixed Third Eye skill,King of New Vegeta rank,new Tax verbs for Namekian Elder rank.
Update 29-05-2018:Made most races have statc stats affected by build/height/aligment/character type,fixed Humanoid icons,fixed ChargeBlast skill.
Update 28-05-2018:Fixed Tech Weights,added new name picking feature for Fusion Dance,Emiter now turns you into Golden Oozaru when you use it as masteraded Super Saiyan,fixed Fly drain,removed stat scan from shop and made it tech only iteam,added Decline age to Characterinfo.
Update 24-05-2018:Fixed Stat Scann Iteam.
Update 23-05-2018:Added Golden Oozaru activated by False Moon in SSJ.
Update 22-05-2018:Fixed some races that didnt spawn and race lock for them.
Update 15-05-2018:Added beta of Aura/Charge/Blast/Beam customization,fixed Create tab technology,added Potara Fusion,fixed Ki attacks,fixed some icons that didt have blasting state,fixed Race lock for admins.
Update 12-05-2018:BP and Stat Rank dissplay on stat bar.
Update 11-05-2018:Fixed problem with some iteams that didnt appear on shop list,added Create tab to the game,added race lock for Admins.
Update 09-05-2018:Fixed Oozaru trans bug,added Ranks,added Pbags,Hand Drill and Power Drill,beta of Emitter,added Energy Drain Boots and Energy Drain Gloves.
Update 08-05-2018:Added BP/Stat Rank system,Stat Point rewards,fixed Gravity bug.
Update 06-05-2018:Added Zarbon and Guldo races.
Update 24-04-2018:Fixed Simulators,added Quarter Saiyan and Dodoria races.
Update 03-04-2018:Fixed Story tab and added Rules tab.
Update 23-03-2018:Added new Changeling icons and transes for Cold and Cooler types.
Update 23-03-2018:Fixed iteams equiping bug.
Update 22-03-2018:Added Aligment at character pick.
Update 20-03-2018:Fixed dig verb,it now gives zenni as it should.
Update 16-03-2018:Replaced uniques with random stat rolls at character creation.
Update 12-03-2018:Fixed grab verb.
Update 10-03-2018:Removed objects/NPC's from maps,fix for droping equipted iteams,give admin verb.
New Website:
Hosting Files: open?id=1e7KJQrilVsheOwxnyD2K-pRfRKWwB48g
Sources: open?id=1QTAh4gOSXCbxSqqxoy-hNSNLcoxcAI-Q
Special Thanks:
Seraph/Sol Helios - For fixing the year system in the game.