Phoenix Classic

by Vegeta original
Reserve engenering of Phoenix. [More]

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Version 10.0.7
Date added: Jun 28 2018
Last updated: Oct 7 2019
Last played: Jul 26
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Owner:Vegeta original
Coder:Vegeta original(more a code editor than coder)
Admins:Tyson1,Sean500,Zeraxus,Zygman,Laz goddard.
Update 07.10.2019: Fixed Ancient Namekian race and Super Namekian stages, SSJ transes now switch the SSJable verb, Cooler Changelings can now acess the 5th form only on top of Final Form, activated back the auti learn system for False Super Saiyan,Third Eye, Burst the Limit and SNJ/ASNJ stages for races,added customize Emote text color,added playfile verb for Admins level 2 so they can now play ogg and mdi music files on the server.
Update 30.09.2019: Autmatic RPP gain at year change,fixed issue with wisper RPP gains,fixed text while KOed useing both say and think verbs,added HBTC Mod var that is individual for each race and sets how fast you gain training in Hyperbolic Time Chamber Room,fixed transformations sequences and icons for Super Saiyan,Super Saiyan 2,Super Saiyan 3 and Super Saiyan 4.
Update 31-07-2019: Aliens now roll stat mods at birth in a range,characters can again see they stat mods(brought back because of players request)
Update 19-07-2019:You can no longer see character stat mods in stats tab(only BP mod is visible)
Update 13-07-2019: Changed Spirit Dolls magic and intelligence mods,they should be better at magic than technology.
Update 07-06-2019:Namekian Regeneration now should drain your Ki while useing the skill,added an old style stat points tab at creation that replaces the SE version.
Update 28-05-2019: Added Namekian Regeneration skill that boost injury healing,added Set Year verb for admins that finally works.
Update 15-05-2019:Fix for the Ki Blade skill and damage.
Update 14-02-2019:Deactivated Ki Blade once more,nerfed the Explosion skill damage.
Update 11-02-2019:Reduced Aliens and Herans stat points at creation to 15 points to distribute,fixed Alien stat mods,reduced the stat limit for Redo Stats,added hard coded Admin Rules,modified Ki Blade damage,Devil Trigger now adds Devil Wings to Demons in the form.
Update 10-02-2019:Fixes to important things like KO bug,character stat mods,added LSSJ Form(for now with no drain),added functional race lock.
Update 18-11-2018:Added Make Ancient Namekian verb for admins that was missing.
Update 27-10-2018:Resources are again Zenni in the game.
Update 25-10-2018:Random races can no longer power up to SSJ.
Update 24-10-2018:Boosted Super Tuffle BP Mod incresse,Bebi requierment for Tuffle Warrior type,finally working RPP points cap verb for admins.
Update 23-10-2018:Change to trans multipliers for serval races to erqual them,Burst trough the limit state after TE for Human race.
Update 20-10-2018:Modified FBM stuff,fixed BP/Stat ranks,added BP Gains verb for admins,added False Super Saiyan form for Saiyan race,removed Battle Power option from RPP choice,added Cooler's 5th Form.
Update 14-10-2018:Heran rare with it's own transformation and mate conditions.
Update 13-10-2018:New mate conditions for Primal Saiyan race.
Update 10-10-2018:Added Majin/Mystic requiments to Makaioshin and Kaiyan races,added Primal Saiyan race.
Update 09-10-2018:Change to Saiyan Classes UP mods,fix to Redo Stats on rares.
Update 06-09-2018:Redo stats for make rares verbs work,Elite Saiyan made into semi-rare status,Force SSJ-SSJ4 verbs are now idiot proof and have to be used on concrete race to work.
Update 04-09-2018:Rebalance of Namekian race stats,players now get auto Redo Stats when they are made into a rare race.
Update 03-09-2018:Racial stats rebalance.
Update 24-09-2018:Added Cardinal Kai planets as teleport option for Kaios.
Update 23-09-2018:Fixed the problem with RPP points begin given when emote window is open,BP and Stat rank added to Admin Assess.
Update 21-09-2018:Counterpart for Namekians now updates not only the gain rate but also base,courrent BP and age of both characters.
Update 20-09-2018:Removed energy as RPP option,added base erqualing effect to Counterpart,added Set Year verb,new verbs for Admins that allow to make players into rares.
Update 19-09-2018:Changed Saibaiman stats,limited Alien points that can be put in single stat,Added Ancient Vampire to rare list.
Update 18-09-2018:Changed Changelings Form Multipliers,added SNJ/ASNJ transes,Saibaiman race now have 15 points to distrubute,Namekian race have a basic skill choice at creation,Ancient Namekians can learn Body Expand and Dark Blessing,Dragon Clan Namekians can learn Heal,fixed Oozaru stat's bug,fixed Heal and Admin Heal skill proc conflict.
Update 17-09-2018:Reduced Hybrid SSJ/SSJ2 multipliers,fixed Oozaru trans BP boost,added Majin skill as learnable for Hybrids,added Body Expand/Focus as lernable for a few races,added Hybrids and Demigods to rare list.
Update 16-09-2018:Fixed Force SSJ verbs not transforming the player.
Update 31-08-2018:Fixed Gain Multiplier verb that didnt appear in admin tab,added Year Speed var that was missing.
Update 30-08-2018:Added Cryptography to prevent attacks on MD5.
Update 20-08-2018:Fixed problem with admin mute verb,RPP cap appears on admin list but still dosent work,fixed Hybrid race.
Update 19-08-2018:Deactivated RP Points Cap settings because the verb didnt appear in admin tab.
Update 17-08-2018:Added Diagonal movement.
Update 13-08-2018:Added RP Points Cap verb for admins.
Update 09-08-2018:Aliens now start with 20x gravitaty mastery.
Update 08-08-2018:Fixed the unidentified race issue.
Update 07-08-2018:Added classes for Namekians,special effect for Namekian Fusion,fix for points not begin assigned at year 0,new Oni and Tsufurujin Classes.
Update 04-08-2018:Added Hybrid race.
Update 31-07-2018:Mateing with any other race as Alien will allways make the child Alien,mateing a Demon with Kaio will make a Makaioshin child,Changelings now have Classes:Freiza,Cooler and King Cold that have diffrent Final Form boosts.
Update 30-07-2018:Demigods can now be created from mateing bettwen Kaios and Humans,more complex mate system towards Saiyans/Half Saiyans class mixing.
Update 28-07-2018:FBM is back to the game.
Update 24-07-2018:Humans auto learn Third Eye at energy and force requiment,Force SSJ was spread on 4 diffrent verbs to dont issantly give Saiyans SSJ4,Saibaimen have more Stat Points at creation and they starting battle power range was raised,magic mod for Saibaimen was raised to 3.
Update 22-07-2018:Removed auto rares for Administrators,fixed Set Spawn verb.
Upadae 21-07-2018:Fixed Changelings multipiers and Changelings icons,added Reincarnation skill for admins level 4 and above,nerfed Changelings multipiers.
Update 19-07-2018:Changelings now have diffrent trans requiments and higher multipliers,Saiyans now have multiplier + ssjadds and ssj2able,ssj3able and ssj4able vars.
Update 18-07-2018:Added new race spawns to Set Spawn verb,separated Magic and Int settings to two diffrent verbs for admins,added Android Ship ranks,fixed Oozaru by makeing it only a courrent BP multipier and removeing auto revert feature.
Update 17-07-2018:Fix for Android Ship spawn.
Update 16-07-2018:Fixed Normal Class Saiyans.
Update 15-07-2018:Added Wizard ranks for all planets that incresse magic mod,dissabled Normal Classi Saiyans because they had bugged gains,lowered Saiyans zenkai mods.
Update 14-07-2018:Fixed Edit for admins,added Genie rare,rares are now admin given only,added Scientist ranks that incresse int mod for characters.
Update 13-07-2018:Added Admin Chat verb visible in admin tab,Fixed tail for Half Saiyans,Legendary Saiyan now appears in menu like any other rare race.
Update 12-07-2018:Fixed Oozaru tail for Saiyan related classes,added Saibaiman race,added Heart Virus for Changelings that go to Vegeta before year 20,made Saiyans breath in space like Bardock and immune to Vampirism like Goku,removed Wings from Kaio race.
Update 11-07-2018:Lowered RPP costs for skills,removed Energy Absorbtion from Spirit Dolls,Spirit Dolls again have correct icon,Demigods now spawn on Earth,Pikkon race was added to the game,Halfies/Quarter Saiyans/1/16th Saiyans can now be activated and deactivated along with other rares.
Update 09-07-2018:Limited Kaio Teleport to only ranked characters,added Doors with password for HBTC,fixed Oozaru further,fixed issue with not working verbs for Leader Admin level.
Update 08-07-2018:Tuffles can now produce Half Saiyans after mateing with Saiyan race,Oozaru can now be reverted by clicking Oozaru toggle,Demons can now learn teleport skill at energy requiment.
Update 07-07-2018:Nerfed Makyojin Star,game version should now dissplay on hub,name of the game should now dissply on hub,Low Class Saiyans can now be born in 1-10 base BP range,AL races start with fly ability,Elite Saiyans start with zanzoken.
Update 05-07-2018:Fixed problem with ban list and loop checkt,fixed issue with Computer Ban verb appearing for players.
Update 02-07-2018:Returned incline age to 25,added Changeling Lord Rank,made every teacher ranks have materialize skill,RPP now have cap,50 points per year,adjusted Height boost,fixed Off and Def gains,nerfed Makaioshin race and made it spawn in Hell,added usefull admin verbs.
Update 30-06-2018:Fixed problem with server crashing,fixed Codded admins problem.
New Website:
Hosting Files: open?id=1e7KJQrilVsheOwxnyD2K-pRfRKWwB48g
Sources: open?id=1QTAh4gOSXCbxSqqxoy-hNSNLcoxcAI-Q

Special thanks to DhatBoiNick for making this source playable for us and to MG Medic for helping with codeing RP points cap.

Special thanks to carloshiss0(carlohiss00) for Ki Blade damage fix.


Vegeta original: (Sep 12 2019, 3:50 pm)
Tell me exactly what is your opinion based about,I am interested to know in order to improve the management over the game,if you have a problem with a certain host or an administrator,I would like to also know the case,contact me on discord and I will try my best to listen to your concerns and find a solution.