by Volte
Explore the magical realms of Ostoria in this multiplayer RPG. [More]

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Version 18
Date added: Sep 25 2003
Last updated: May 10 2004
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  • Current Features:

    Fully functional mining, smelting, and blacksmith systems
    Fully functional lumberjacking, and woodcrafting systems
    Functional farming system
    On-screen status Display
    On-screen body representation, with functioning equipping/unequipping
    6 classes
    3 types of ore
    6 tools to aid your occupation
    1000x1000 tile map to explore (Still under construction)


  • Version 2:
    Fixed a few graphical bugs.
  • Version 3:
    Changed the method of using client.eye; Added a roofing system (Thank you, ShadowDarke)
  • Version 4:
    Added more equipment; Each class now starts with their own set of equipment.
  • Version 5:
    Got around to making my own turfs; Made a special 'dark sword', and placed it on the map; Made a 'look' type HUD. Double click on a player to look at them.
  • Version 6:
    Created an on-screen character creation system.
  • Version 7:
    Created blacksmithy and smelting skills; created a skills menu; created blacksmithy system; created smelting system.
  • Version 8:
    Fixed a few runtime errors.
  • Version 9:
    Added Blacksmith class; added a shopkeeper; added pickaxe; added mining; added dagger; fixed a few runtimes.

  • Version 10:
    Added gold helmet, armor, sword, boots, and shield; blacksmith now only sells blacksmith-related objects; added armor shop; added weapon shop; added gold ore/ingots; made it harder to gain skill levels; different rocks now give different ore.


The RPG is now in it's BETA phase! From now on, I'm going to update only on semi-big changes.

  • Version 11:
    Added lumberjacking; added crafting; added Lumberjack class; added more to the map; added wood logs; added wood planks; added lumberjack axe; added saw; added lumberjack shopkeeper; rocks/mountains no longer contain ore; smelting pits now require wood logs to burn.

  • Version 12:
    Had to fix a nasty runtime. (More will be added to this update); fixed a lumberjacking bug; fixed a cave glitch; added login/logout messages

  • Version 13:
    Added planting skill; added lettuce; added lettuce seeds; added shovel; added farmer shopkeeper. More crops comming soon.

  • Version 14:
    Fixed some farming bugs; moved the farmer shopkeeper and cultivated dirt; added cauliflower seeds; added cauliflower; gave lumberjacking more EXP for each sucess; added a drop gold command.

  • Version 15/16:
    Fixed a few bugs; added torches. (hermit shopkeeper);

  • Version 17:
    Added a GUI for name choosing; changed HUD graphics; added carrot crop.

  • Version 18:
    Added a battle system, changed some statistics, and added to the map a little.