Left 4 Dead Unlimited

by Wiilikepie
Left 4 Dead Unlimited
Basically the online game on the PC, in BYOND with as many players as you want and maps you have never seen! [More]

Currently Unavailable

Version 0.3
Date added: Jan 16 2009
Last updated: Jan 17 2009
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Left 4 Dead Unlimited

Games Contents




4.Game completage

Owners: Static, King of Chaos (Wiilikepie), Ferrok (Liberation)

Host: Static

Enforcers: Open, Open, Open

Gfx: (open)

Coder: Static, (open)

Mapper: (open)

Hub: Wiilikepie, Static

Website: Open

Forums: Static

Advertiser(s): Open, Open

Iconners: Open (1-2 Iconners is what we are looking for).





4.Minor bugs/changes

5.Some map things

Note:There will be a bunch of updating so watch out. New mapping and coding will done and maybe all the icons might be changed.

Here are the rules:


Racism(Hating on someone religous views or such) Ban

Advertising: Boot,Ban

This is only the beginning of our rules. We will fix them later.

If game freezes wait a few minutes. If it is still frozen log in and out again.


Nemanja: (Apr 7 2009, 1:44 am)
I can help you out with
GFX,Mapping and Pixel Art