The Untold Kingdoms

by Wikked_Klwn420
The Untold Kingdoms
New original open world semi sandbox Medieval RPG seen never before! [More]

Currently Unavailable

Version Early Development
Date added: Jul 5 2015
Last updated: Jan 2 2016
Last played: Dec 19 2016
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Discontinued for the time being for having lack of art and animations.

The Untold Kingdoms

The untold kingdoms is a new original Open-World semi sandbox Medieval RPG coming to BYOND. It has a unqiue combat system, magic, various weapons and armor. Multiple enemies to take on. Player vs Player for the PvP lovers. This game is unique, and never before seen on BYOND.

Currently in very very early development.

Staff Members
- Joe (Wikked_Klwn420){Coder/Owner}
- Night(NightArts){Artist}
- Leevi(KidLeevi){Artist}


Wikked_Klwn420: (Oct 23 2015, 8:33 am)
Avidanimefan wrote:
this is pretty nice.
Got more done than most games do in years. keep it up :D

Thanks I appreciate it :) I've only been working on this since about the beginning of August I think. Somewhere around there. So only a few months.

I tend to work fast once I get something going and set my mind to it, being a solo programmer makes it a little easier to work faster.

Avidanimefan: (Oct 23 2015, 1:54 am)
this is pretty nice.
Got more done than most games do in years. keep it up :D